Sunday, April 01, 2012

Fooling Around...

Just so you know...
The awaiting nest is still empty.
Luke is waiting a little longer to show up.

Waiting is making me edgy.
Well, waiting for Luke and the weird weather.
Saturday it got up to 80 degrees and broke the historic high temperature record for the day.
Today...April Fools is snowing.
The temperature dropped 46 degrees in less than half a day.
That meant we had very strong winds yesterday.
I don't know about you...but strong warm winds makes me jumpy.

36 degree F.
My closet is stuffed as it is currently containing both warm weather and cold weather wardrobe items.
(Look closely at the photo can see some individual snow flakes along the edge).

Right after church I took off to look at my world in winter/spring/winter confusion.

It is pretty...blossoming trees and snow together.

The houses that have a tree in full pink outside are just lovely.

And don't those black shutters look smart with the black trunked trees and pink blossom clouds?

Ordinary sidewalks look so inviting don't they?
(Keep in mind that it is snowing...a very wet snow...and just a touch above freezing though!)

A few houses are sporting red tulips that look especially nice against this white and black houses

You will bear with me if I take another stroll around Red Butte won't you?
It does look quite different today than it did on Thursday...just four days ago... 

The snow softens the way every view looks. 

 Four days ago this tree wasn't yet in bloom.

Quite a rare only blooms one day a year I have learned.
Sweet isn't it?

Funny how all the benches were free today.

It was really snowing hard...and yet little was staying on the ground due to yesterday's warm temperatures.

Puddles had formed of petals and what I call catkins...soft puffs that form on bare branches this time of year. 

I wondered briefly if this freak storm had messed up any outdoor wedding plans.
Then I remembered what day it was.
I suppose few people plan weddings on April Fool's Day anyway.

The garden gnome had a lovely hat on that was just perfect for this weather.

(I have no idea who is knitting caps for garden gnomes, but I think the thoughtful knitter had excellent taste in color selection).

Bet you didn't get nearly as cold and wet looking at these pictures as I did taking them.
At one point my hand was so cold I couldn't feel the camera's shutter button!
I did use a camera sleeve made of plastic that is available at most camera stores. I keep one in my camera bag in case of sudden down pours...just in case.
If you would like to see the photos full screen...and I have to say the snow really looks cool in the full screen HERE
So did any one come up with a April Fool prank that topped what Mother Nature pulled here?


ellen b. said...

A Marshmallow tree...really? Fun times. It seems the weather is affording us so much in the world of foolin that we can just let April fool's day slide on by. Love all your shots of the beautiful spring color in the midst of that snow and other weather extremes!

Vicki said...

Did someone brave the snow to create that marshmallow tree? That was interesting!

I love all the blossoms! The snow does seem to enhance the colors. I miss the spring-flowering trees and bulbs...thank you for this little pick-me-up.

I'm eagerly awaiting news of Luke's arrival! I had hoped that he and Aiden would share a birthday - oh, well.

Dawn said...

pretty post, Jill.
Stopped by to see if Luke had arrived.
Soon enough.....

Judy said...

Your winter/spring confusion photos look most beautiful!

Waiting....never easy! (I'm actually 'on hold' as I type...waiting for a real person at the other end of the line.) May Luke arrive safely...soon!

Vee said...

Oh what a trick Mother Nature played. She was playing them here last year. Is that a marshmallow tree? Hope that there were no eggs in that nest. I've heard that you can't freeze eggs. Hang tough, Grandmama, those grands show up when they're good and ready. Can't wait! =D

Lovella ♥ said...

I love the April Fool fun. I will try it next year on the grands.
I was hoping for an announcement this morning but rather than leaving dissapointed I am relishing the memory of those beautiful blossom photos.

Anneliese said...

Your spring/winter confusion is beatiful in it's own way! Were those marshmallows or toilet tissue rolls on that tree?
I love the houses adorned with the spring blossom trees!