Friday, April 06, 2012

Which is it?

Good Friday...a day that is so sad and yet so good!
A day when the Hebraic logic of "and" and "both" is in full usage.
It isn't a Greek logic kind of day...Greek logic being "either" and "or".
Can a pine tree be both pink AND green?
This time of year, with fresh new growth, a pine tree can be both.

Can Autumn's pumpkins and Spring's petunias shiver together under Winter like snow?
Today...on Good on my deck...yes they can.

Sometimes one has to follow the whole story...

Such as the story of a King of Israel one day being hailed with palm fronds, then another day quietly consuming a Passover meal with dearest friends, then hours later having one of those dear friend become a traitor...

The same crowds that earlier called out The King's name in joy days later called for that same name...only this time they cried out that He be crucified.
And so it was...
and He was buried.
And yet...
the story was not over.
There was still some arising to come!


Lovella ♥ said...

Thank you for this picture post which makes the story come alive.
I think the thing that hit me anew this year was that those same disciples that hung out with Jesus later all ran for their lives. I think I always think I would never deny Christ...but realize humbly that I am weak alone and my strength only comes from constant time spent with God.

ellen b. said...

Beautiful Jill!

RoeH said...

Have a wonderful Easter weekend. :)

Vicki said...

'Tis indeed a day of somber reflection, but we know without a doubt that JOY comes in the morning! Happy Easter to you, my friend, and I'm praying that a special gift will be delivered very soon, safe and sound.