Tuesday, April 03, 2012

New stuff on Picasa and question

Do I look like a grandmother?
Well, officially, I'm not one yet anyway...
still waiting around here for that name "tag" to be applied!
(More about that later...)

Picasa has launched a few new photo editing tools.
That might of happened awhile ago, but I just noticed it this weekend.
(This is what is called a "zoom" effect.  Bernie said it looked scary...I thought it looked really cool!)

He said he liked the sketch option best.
That one really highlights facial...details.

I like this painterly look.
Funny how the facial highlights turned out.
Looks like I forgot to blend in the zinc oxide or something.

I used the sketch, then "faded" the sketch to retain some color, and used a shadow border with this picture.
Then I went back and used touch up because the sketch made my pores look like I had an epic case of blackheads all over my face.

Hours of fun...I messed around with pictures that were so awful that I was considering deleting them.  Figured they would make for good practice shots.
Zapped out all the creases, wrinkles and dark spots...justified this by remembering I *usually* use foundation and concealer when I go out...no apologies for that.
Figured if my face was going to be looked at from five inches away via a photo, I would just use electronically based cosmetics too!

OK...now I really need some serious help..beyond help for my obvious photo editing addiction.
I have spent about five hours applying "tags" to my Picasa photos.
Now I want to search by my tags.
Tags like:

Bernie and Jill
Tiggie and Hart

When I try to search for the tags, I do not get all the pictures that I know I should.
Plus...I get albums that have a tagged word in the title...when I just want the pictures from that album that are tagged with the word.
Anyone know what I might be doing wrong?
It is mostly important to me that I can search for a person by name when I want to.


Vee said...

This waiting for news does not go on forever; it just seems as though it does.

That first photo makes you look as if you're a star gone Hollywood on us. I could expect to see in you an episode of Desperate Housewives or something.

Wish I could help with the Picasa account. Alas, I know less than nothing.

La Tea Dah said...

Jill, the new Picasa editing features are wonderful --- but I seem to have a problem. Only a few of them show up on my screen. I've been online to figure out what is wrong and I'm missing all sorts of things! Maybe I need to reinstall the program. I love how your editing turned out!!!! You look so charming in all your pictures! Thanks for encouraging me to move on with Picasa and see what's going on with my version.

RoeH said...

I've been playing with those too. Actually it's about time for some new ones. I love the zoom effect. The sketch did'nt work well for me with landscapes. Liked the way yours did.

Lovella ♥ said...

Very fun waiting room you are in. I missed the part about more on that later.

I love the last two. The side details are wonderful.
You and I know about the same amount..or maybe you know more. I've been tinkering around with it as well.
I panicked when a few of my favorite things were missing but I found them again...just have to snoop around a bit.

Pondside said...

Still waiting? You must be getting so antsy! Fingers crossed over here for an arrival very soon.

Kathy said...

Lovely lady with the beautiful eyes!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Picasa picked up the new editing capabilities from Picnik. I don't know how I did it but my Picasa recognizes faces in photos and will find people when I click on their little face icons on the left sidebar of my home page. I must have enabled them to do that.
Everyone should look for Picasa updates from time to time under the "HELP" drop down that is located on the top left menu bar...there is also a link there to help forums.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Wow, you've got me wondering just how many hats the Queen has worn in her lifetime? Jeepers!

Sounds like you've been having fun with photos...I guess I need to check out the new Picassa features one of these days. Just don't have the enthusiasm at the moment...