Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Things that make me curious...

Modern Dog magazine?
How can one tell if their dog is modern or traditional?
Anyone got a clue?

I note that Canadians can continue to use their pennies indefinitely...but what about good old American me?
I've got a couple of Canadian pennies hanging around in our coin jar...should I take them to the scrap metal yard for recycling?
Probably would get more than a penny for them...but the cost of gas to drive them to the recycling center...I'd wind up losing money I think.

Then there is the reason that Canada is ditching their pennies.
Apparently Canadians have really small dressers at their homes.
This makes no sense to me at all...doesn't Canada have a booming logging industry?
Why don't they just make bigger dressers with all that harvested timber?
This is just the kind of unquantified sweeping political statements..."too much space"... that leaves good hearted Canadians open to all sorts of other edicts.
Will Flaherty next decide that large eggs take up too much space inside of refrigerators and decree only small eggs will be sold?
(I'm shaking my head sadly now...)
No wonder so many people say Canadians are inscrutable.
(Oh wait..I think that is the Chinese that are inscrutable. Canada..China...both begin with the letter C...which of course takes up a lot of space).

I'm noticing a lot of bloggers writing about how they are decorating (Vee...) and cooking (everyone else) for Easter.
Obviously they are distracted from what really matters this time of year.

(Check out 1982...I love that blue hat on the end above the yellow banner!)

Hint hint...and more hints...time to go shopping for a new hat!

And yes...we are still waiting for our baby boy bunny to arrive.


ellen b. said...

Ahh those little ones always keep you guessing as to when they'll make their grand entrance! Enjoy the moments.
No, I am not shopping for a hat...

Vicki said...

Yep, definitely important things to ponder (this post and the previous one) while awaiting Young Luke's arrival.

Psst...I bought a hat on my recent trip! It's not stylish - it's for sun protection. It's a Tilley and it even has a secret compartment for things like cash and driver's license and a credit card. :)

I'm wondering - what happened to the neat background you had on your blog, the one with the raindrops? I really liked that! :)

Vee said...

I shudder to think when all coins will be extinct because they take up too much space and then everything will be rounded to the nearest dollar. This may have no end.

Your baby grandbunny will be all the decorating you need. Are you going to share your Easter bonnet? Oh, did I tell you that my niece actually wore a hat to a company party two weeks ago? Everyone wanted to take her picture. If I get my hands on one, I'll be sharing it on my blog.

Lovella ♥ said...

Fun post Jill. I have been meaning to post on the demise of our sweet penny. How odd it will be to not have it come back in change. I most often toss it in the charity jar....I wonder how much charity will lose with the penny going the way of the dinosaur.

Beautiful hats...I have always loved our Queen's wardrobe. Can you imagine how many coats and matching hats she has had in her reign?

Luke....will he be an Easter baby? Sweet.

Pondside said...

My mum and I had a discussion about hats the other day. I told her that she had to start to follow the Queen's lead and always wear a hat that leaves her face on view - no big brims!

Kathleen said...

Modern dogs are the pups that go on play dates at the dog park and wear designer collars. Traditional dogs work for a living - police dogs, herding dogs, watch dogs.
That's my take.

Judy said...

I'm a little sad to see the demise of the penny. Of course I will now be hanging on to all the pennies that I have been hoarding!

My wee grandson came to Easter dinner with a handsome hat yesterday. Maybe he will be the hat wearer in this family:)