Sunday, August 01, 2010

Canadian Blogger, Coming Through

Gotta love it when you get to head out on an adventure via blogdom.
Judy of "My Front Porch" has been delighting me for awhile now with her far ranging gadabouts photo coverage.
I've ridden shotgun with her (via my computer screen) as she has traveled about visiting Switzerland (which I have also visited; it is great to have another go to a place through a fresh pair of eyes.)
She has headed to Texas, and made me a tad homesick with her fabulous eye for scenic views.

When she announced that she and her hubby were going to Montana, Colorado, and New Mexico, I yelped.
Brazenly I commented that I would be deeply hurt if she didn't swing by SLC to see ME at some point during the trip.

Secretly I felt a little guilty after I did that. After all...Judy and I have never met in person.
Just because I read her blog and feel like I visit with her and her gorgeous grandkids daily is no excuse for presuming a sense of kindred spirit is being felt by her as well.
What kind of crazy person asks someone that they have never met to swing by to say hello during their holiday travels?

A blogger, like me, of course.

Saturday an email popped up:

Hi Jill..

Well, we toured Zion yesterday...Bryce today...and we are heading to Salt Lake City. We will arrive there tomorrow afternoon...and were wondering if you and Bernie would be free to meet us for dinner...either Sunday night (tomorrow) or Monday night. We'll do some touring in the city on Monday and plan to leave for home Tuesday morning.
Hope it works out to meet up!

TOTALLY that would work out! A couple of emails and a phone call later, and....

Judy from "My Front Porch" was sitting on My Back Porch!
Now I have a rule: the first time someone comes to my home for a visit, I want everything to be just perfect. After that, I expect my friends to drop by whenever, and I don't worry about everything being "just so" because the have seen it "just so", and understand that in the real world, laundry gets folded on the couch, mail lingers at the kitchen table and the towels maybe hanging rumpled in the bath. (or even worse...there are THOSE days....)

This was Judy's first visit. Suddenly I realized that actually Judy has been in my house since the days when the kitchen was painted red and Bob Marley's image held sway in a downstair's room. This was going to be a dream come true for me: I could have a first visit that could be, would be, a visit from an old dear friend.

And from the moment they came in the door, that was exactly how it felt: Like I had known Elmer and Judy for years.
Elmer shared that he has laughed at my posts; at once I felt just as much at ease with him as I did with Judy. Isn't it just cool when you like both the wife and the husband equally?
Bernie got right down to chatting with Elmer about guy stuff as Judy and I took spin to see the house's "after" in person.

Since it was a warm day, and I knew I could never hope to outdo a Mennonite Constant Cooker, I kept the dinner menu pretty simple. Bernie marinated and grilled salmon, I made some rice, a tossed salad and then gave a watermelon salsa recipe in the Sunday paper a try.
I was so interested in visiting with Judy and Elmer that I was glad that the dinner practically made itself. I would have really hated to have been hovering over the stove instead of sitting in the living room talking.

The time just flew. The whole time I was thinking "Dang! I wish they lived closer. They are just a great couple!"
Since Judy is my favorite travel journalist, I had to ask what their next adventure will be.
They shared their plans; and as luck would have it, I had something on hand to add to the dessert to celebrate where they were headed.
See if you can figure it out!
(I wish I had also toasted their anniversary at dinner: Happy Anniversary plus 1 day, Judy and Elmer.)

Good bloggers remember to take formal pictures to mark the occasion...

And we got our guys together in a picture too.
Judy and Elmer: Thanks so much for coming by!
I can't wait to see lots and lots of your travel pictures as soon as you have time to post them.
Can't wait to see you and Elmer again too.
It will happen someday...and that's a promise!


Lovella ♥ said...

Oh I am both dreadfully jealous and absolutely delighted for all of you at the same time. I wondered all evening what kind of fun the four of you would be having. I just knew you could have a wonderfully interesting time together. ..Oh I wish I could have been there too. One day. .one day.
It was so great to see the pictures of the two and two!

Vee said...

Oh great fun! You are, I am certain, a wonderful hostess. Glad that you all had the opportunity to meet one another!

Islandsparrow said...

How fun!! I have an American blogger coming up to visit this month. Isn't blogging great!

ellen b. said...

What fun! I'm glad Judy and Elmer stopped by. You all look like you had a marvelous time. The menu sounds yummy, too!

Judy said...

Well I'm so glad you were 'brazen'...and suggested we swing by SLC...rather than sneaking home through Nevada. And how nice of you to invite us to your home for a most delightful evening! It seemed like we were old friends...catching up where we left off. Funny how that works! It was so nice meeting both of person. Next time we meet...on my front porch!

And the supper was fabulous! Thanks so much.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I just left Judy's blog where she posted about your meeting. What a wonderful time you all had! Blogging has introduced us to wonderful new friends ... it was so nice to read your post!

a woman who is said...

Fun, fun post Jill! My sister at Knitting Mania also got a visit in Montana from Judy. Although it was a surprise when Judy and Elmer walked through the shop door where she works in Philipsburg. We both have been a big fan of Judy's Front Porch for quite a while. Your back porch looks amazing too.

I loved your meal plan...more time for visiting. That is so my style.

Sounds like you had such a good thing this blogging world!

Just a little something from Judy said...

Oh my goodness, what a fun post to read before I call it a day. This is just the most fun! I can see why you were excited about this visit, and I know she felt the same way. Your way of writing made me smile the entire way through this post. Knowing Judy like I do, via her blog, I am sure she was impressed by her first visit. I think I would be a bit intimidated by her "mennonite girls can cook" status, but your menu sure sounded good. Salmon on the of my favorites. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures. I always think it would be fun to meet some of these wonderful people in person. Great post!

Heather L. said...

That is SO FUN!!!! So glad it worked out.

Vicki said... Doc and I are really getting antsy to visit!

Anneliese said...

How wonderful that you could finally meet! Thank you for sharing this day with us!