Thursday, August 05, 2010

My Daughter is a Cover Girl!

Two posts in one day?
Check this daughter is a cover girl of a serious publication!
(Thank heaven, I would disown her if she was on the cover of the typical supermarket tabloids.)

That's her in the yellow tee shirt.
More details on her blog.

I wonder who now owns the surf board.

She prefers to ride a long board, but I'm sure she wouldn't quibble if she could catch a wave on that one of a kind ride!


Lovella ♥ said...

You ARE the mother of a FAMOUS nurse. I wonder how many people thank the Lord for the day you gave birth to Laura the angel.
congratulations. .I'm off to visit her blog.

ellen b. said...

That's fun...have you received your copy yet?

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Ellen: not yet, it just came out!

L&D said...

That's a mama's TOTAL braggin' rights. Woohoo!

Vicki said...

How cool is that?! Yay for Laura (personally, I think red-haired daughters named Laura are pretty special)! Congrats to Laura and a hat-tip to her parents! :) Heading to Laura's now...

Judy said...

Braggin' rights, for sure! Congrats to your surfin'/nursin'/cover girl daughter!

Anonymous said...

That was so nice to read about Laura, isn't it wonderful to have a daughter like her!! Aren't we both very proud mothers!!
I'm so enjoying my little grandson Samuel who's such a wonderful pickle for a baby!! Hope you also can be a happy gradma when the time comes. I did wait about 40 years ;-D))! Greetings from Stockholm, Pia Pallin