Friday, April 30, 2010


On Wednesday Bunny was happy.
On Thursday Bunny was bummed.

This morning Bunny is refusing to talk.

Bunny is in a very, very bad mood.

Frankly I think he should just shake it off and enjoy the view. How often do you get to see tulips blooming in the snow?

On Monday relaxing in lawn chair was enjoyed.

Today, the last day of April, we enjoy relaxing by observing the lawn chair from afar.

(The tulips even seem eager to be looking around!)
Our mountain cove neighborhood has gotten quite a bit of snow since Wednesday.
More is expected today, and May first may sweep in with snowfall as well.
Quite a few trees are in heavy bloom, others depend on passing Robins to add color to their bare limbs.
Cactus in the snow in our neighbor's front yard.
I think the idea of growing cactus here is so odd, but have to admit it does make for an interesting look in the snow.
This morning, being off from work, I invited a few of my friends to come by and join me in time for breakfast.
They came...
and then others came...
They ate.
(and that one sparrow really chowed down.)
I was happy to see the jay savor a bite before swallowing.

Sparrow still eating.

(Wonder if I'll get a "bread and butter" thank you note later....)

The Robins seem rather stand-offish. They were plucking sticks from the ground and flying off.

I guess they were too busy nest building to stop at the feeder and chat a bit.

(plus, of course, they don't eat seeds anyway...and I refuse to serve worms for breakfast.)

I also declined a request for bird FOR breakfast.
There's a nice can of cat food waiting for you downstairs Hart.
Come's cold out there!


Anonymous said...

I am always so amazed at how things can change from the time I lay my head down until the time I roll over and peer out to see what the day holds. Your guests look very content with what you dished up. Kathy (MGCC)

Vicki said...

Wow, you did get snow! I like the look of the tulips peeping up through the snow like that. I always enjoy watching the're fortunate to have such a great bird's-eye view of the action!

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

I like those tulips, especially the ones so eager to look around!

Lovella ♥ said...

Oh I love the picture of the robin in the tree. . so gorgeous. Your new camera is awesome. . how fun would it be to click away together?

Poor bunny. .hope he digs out soon.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Hart got VERY fluffy! Great pics; I am guessing you are digging the new camera! ~L

ellen b. said...

Beautiful photos Jill. Yikes snow again eh?! The tulips do look great popping out to the snow. Love the birds.

Judy said...

Oh dear! Keep the bird seed coming. This puts things in perspective...our continual drizzle isn't so bad. Nice pic's.

Anonymous said...

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