Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Point: Part 2

Pulling ourselves away from Noah & Friends, I started getting up close and personal with the flowers.

Strawberry blossoms...

Daffodils with '50 style poofy skirts.

We were just walking along concrete pathways, enjoying the flowers planted along the edge...

Then this scene came into view.
(To get the full effect, it is worth taking a moment to enlarge this shot by clicking on it.)

The five waterfalls roared behind the sound of a bluegrass band playing in a bowl-like setting.
We lingered for a bit to enjoy the music, then tried to decide what way to go next.

A path wound up and over the falls; I took frequent stops to capture solitary tulips along the way.

And enjoyed watching smitten parents taking memory pictures of their tykes.

Off the path were lawn areas with borders of tulips.

The colorful flowers snaked endlessly up the hillsides.

Mostly I was looking at the flowers up close; occasionally I would remember to lift up my eyes to the horizon where blooming pink trees and snow capped peaks presented a wider beauty.

(About this point Bernie asked if I was keeping track of the flower count or if I had already lost count.

I told him this time I wasn't even going to try counting the flowers this time.)

I was too busy trying to decide which way to photograph the wave of tulips.

Back on the pathway the colors keep changing...

and I keep deciding that the next flora mix was my favorites so far.

(I definitely do like tulips that point out on the tips and have subtle shading.)

B. and I agreed that it would be fun to just sit by this scene until a bird dropped by to explore the housing.

Kept on going...

Some of the tulips were a bit worse for wear from the rain and hail earlier in the week.

Fresh snowfall from those storms had touched up the white on the mountain peaks.

I was so glad I was seeing this garden with my guy.

Close ups...so close speckles of black pollen from the bi-colored stamin can be seen dusting the yellow petals.

I had missed that detail until I saw the picture enlarged at home!

The white/green/pink mix with variegated leaves: bliss!

I'm a huge fan of variegated leaves, if you haven't noticed.

Such delicate brushstroke like colors.

A photography rhythm was found:

I would take a close-up, mid range, full scene then distant shot at each spot.

You know how much I love orange.
Bernie shot this shot.

The ground was wet, but who cared?

Oohhh...deep pink and white and green is another great combo!

Such artistry!

I didn't see any solid deep purple blooms, but then again not all the tulips were in bloom yet.

Pretty flowers are improved with a baby parked before them.

Both mom and dad were snapping away.

I was kind of surprised they didn't put the little ones into the flower bed actually.

(Am I the only one who thinks "circus" whenever I see red and yellow colors together?)

These pictures were taken in the outskirts of the garden...there were SO many interesting and unexpected things that came into view next.
Come back tomorrow for more of the tour.
It just gets better and better!


ellen b. said...

What a gorgeous spot and backdrop. Fun photos. Loved the ones with Bernie and you. The variety of tulips always amazes me.

Vicki said...

Wow! Bluegrass, tulips, waterfalls, and snow-covered mountains...can it get any better? I love B's pics of you with the tulips!

Islandsparrow said...

That's stunning! I can just imagine you snapping pictures in every direction :)

Lovella ♥ said...

Such lovely surroundings and this was just the outskirts? Spring really is the most beautiful time of the year. . I've decided that again just this morning.

Judy said...

Wow...amazing beauty in the blooms of spring! I'll be back...for sure.

Oh...MacDonald's comes to mind when I see red & yellow.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

What a feast of color and beauty! I'm so glad you visited and shared it with us.

Just a little something from Judy said...

Thank you! Thank you! I did not want your pictures to end. Such beauty and splendor all in one location on earth...amazing!!! I really liked the pictures of you and Bernie that were included. Great pictures! It added a personal touch to it all. Truly, I have trouble wrapping my mind around the fact that a place like this exists. I want to see it in person some day. Thank you for sharing it with us.