Sunday, December 23, 2007

SLC Christmas: Sunday Dec. 23, 2007

Sunday: Jeff, Laura and I got up and headed out to K2 for church. It was a wonderful service; their Christmas service, and included great music and a play that was quite clever.
I admit I had a tear in my eye as we sang It Came Upon A Midnight Clear...the second, third and fourth verses are really something.
Being able to go to church with my kids...and meet their friends....yes. Such a gift.

I got a kick out of Laura's stockings...
Mom, I wore the muffler that you got me a couple of Christmas's ago.

Bernie stayed home, blissfully drugged...

When accessorizing, it is always wise to consider adding a cat.
After we got home from church I wanted a cup of tea, and after looking for a traditional tea cup, said to Jeff that I was so tempted to go out and buy him a set of matching china so I could have a tea cup to use.
He replied that there were LOTS of mugs and cups...(the fact that none of them matched did not bother him in the least.)
Laura explained to him that by "tea cup" Mom meant something with flowers, and a saucer, and a cute little handle so I can crook my finger etc etc etc....
Jeff looked at her like she had lost her mind, and shot me a couple of looks of disbelief.
He declared that the blue glass mug was PERFECT for tea.
And of course, in the end, it was.

Meowsie had enough sense to stay out of that discussion.

And Bernie was too busy watching football to get involved in discussions about tea cup zen either.

Mom and Dad, we broke out the cheeses and nibble through the games.
Laura had mixed up some from scratch sugar cookies using the Betty Crocker recipe that is the ONLY recipe that makes the cookies as I remember them as a child.

Jeff didn't have a mixer, so we had to cut the shortening in by hand. The batter never turned into a dough; it stayed crumbly, so Laura asked me to check it.

As it turned out, she had "eyeballed" the shortening amount; just scooping a chunk into the flour. actually is important to measure these things.

(I was feeling a little chilly, so I am wearing my hat still as I bake.)

Sprinkles are the BEST part!
That's my tray.
Here's Laura. She is a non-conformist when it comes to sprinkling.
Red trees, brown!

The green tree with white snowflakes is a tree still in the forest.
Get it?
Ready for the oven.

All done! Yum!

Jeff's turn...

He did the cut out work too.
The hammer is for the Carpenter, the Scottie for Helix High School's mascot, our kid's high school.
Nice work Jeff!
We got talking about how every year on our anniversary my parents would have the kids over to spend the night and make Christmas cookies.
Jeff hadn't realized that we were always off for an anniversary at that time; he just thought it was cookie making time at Grandmas.
Laura asked me to check to see if the cookies were done.
All those years, and Laura was not sure exactly how to tell if the cookies were done. But then again, they were never the ones to pull the cookies out of the oven until now.

Cookies anyone?
So we are kicking back, watching football, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, and surfing the Internet for houses in Sugar House, a cute little part of SLC.
A perfect Sunday afternoon.
We'll probably send out for Greek food tonight.
BIG storm predicted for tomorrow. Oh boy, its going to be a really, really white Christmas here for sure!
PS: Happy 84th birthday Dad!
Laura and Jeff...baking cookies years ago...


Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Wow, you've got three new posts all of a sudden! That is so great that you and Bernie are spending Christmas together with your adult kids....poor B, at least he's got morphine and a very good nurse to look after him!

That tree really IS gorgeous! It could be on a Christmas card.

And snow!! And Christmas cookies....looking at your posts makes me feel all Christmasy, like in a storybook.

Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas, Jill, to you and Bernie and the "kids."

L&D said...

You guys are so funny and cute.....the family that bakes together stays together.
And your comment on my blog had me in stitches. I'll have you know, you can tell your little kidlettes that those of us in the mythical Canada live in igloos and sip our cocktails from real hollow icicles. We also eat little children......but don't tell them that part. I don't want them to go to bed having nightmares.

Lovella ♥ said...

Don't tell Bernie but he does in fact look a tiny bit drugged, poor guy.

Those sugar cookies look delicious. Yummy. Lots of sugar, just perfect.

It still sounds like you are having a wonderful time in spite of the Bernies accident. I'm so glad.
I love all the family photos, keep them coming. (please)

Anonymous said...

Poor Bernie. At least he has football on TV and sugar cookies to distract him from the pain. (I'm sure the meds help, too!)

My Laura & her hubby are flying in tonight and then we'll head straight to the Christmas Eve service at church.

Enjoy your time with the kids, and have a wonderful and peaceful Merry Christmas!

Dawn said...

Loved the photo at the end...So cute...
Well, I suppose I could say they are still cute..but you know what I mean.
Got your note today.
Have a wonderful day tomorrow.