Friday, June 29, 2007

Rocky wanted to say hi....

So Bernie started hollering that the raccoon was outside the window again a few minutes ago.
Guess Rocky must read my blog.
Anyway, this time I got his picture.

Bernie just asked what raccoons eat. I said corn. I'm remembering that I read somewhere they also eat apples.

I'm thinking Rocky should continue eating what ever it was that he (or she) used to eat, 'cuz I ain't gonna start grocery shopping for no lazy butt raccoon.

He is awfully cute though.


Marie Christopher said...

How cute! But those little rascals are very destructive.

Lovella ♥ said...

Oh boy, keep an eye on Hart. they may look cute but they can be pretty vicious.

I do like him a lot better that the last varmint that visited your feeder.

Kate said...

Well, perhaps if you feed him Rocky won't get into your garbage. On the other hand, if you feed him you'll never get rid of him. Better let him fend for himself but don't let Hart get to close!
Kate Q:-)

Julie said...

How cute, Jill.... I love Rocky..tell him to come to my house...I'll feed him!! He eats just about anything.....
but seriously, yes, you feed him and you have a 'boarder' for life!!

"Hey, Rocky, if you ARE reading this...Hi! from Canada!"