Thursday, June 28, 2007

Deeply moved

I've been given a new task at work: creating a "myspace" space for our college library. It has been a hoot already...I had to decide if our library was a boy or girl, married or single, interested in dating. Yeah, our library would love to date other libraries! We're a guy...just take a look at our clock tower!

To do this task I needed to figure out how to do what is known as "pimp" the site. I trolled around the Internet while trying out different ideas on my newly set up "myspace" which will serve as a practice site. Darn, I wish I had Jeff or Laura coach me on this when they visited two weeks ago. I'm learning using the old fashioned trial and error method.

In the course of trolling for animated images to use on the site, I found a site with Canada gifs, little animated items celebrating the big cold country up north. I went to try to find them again this morning to pass along to a friend, and stumbled across some Canada Day e-cards.

Just for fun, I clicked on a few. Moments later tears were streaming down my face. I confess, I was deeply moved. The combination of music and pictures and sentiment thanking God for a free and beautiful land just hit me so hard. It is a blessing to live on a continent shared by three countries where people can pursue their dreams, practice their faith, and live in peace upon the land.

I love America, passionately so. It only takes a quick peek at world headlines and I know if not one single good thing ever happens to me again, my life would still be counted as being extraordinarily lucky for simply having been lived in America.

This morning as I read those Canada Day e-card, I realized I am passionate about my continent. I am geographically surrounded by goodness. How funny that such a great revelation could dawn upon me by the simple click of an e-card.

(Just in case you are wondering which card started my waterworks, here's the link. It wasn't the most artistically pretty one in the collection, but it was the one that did me in.)


Lovella ♥ said...

Isn't amazing how truly blessed we are? Oh . . . that God would bless our nations and make us a blessing to others.
Thank you for reminding me that we have a gift to be shared and enjoyed by all people.

Julie said...

Thank-you, Jill! It WAS a special e-card....and how right you are!! We are blessed beyond measure and I have always been proud that we share a border with the US. I grew up on my parents farm where if I looked out the kitchen window I could see Washington.
We used to ride our bikes along Boundary Road and there was only a ditch between us and a parallel road that was in Washington.

It is good to stop and realize how very thankful we should be and how beautiful and free our countries are - under God!!

PS. thank-you for your comments!! I responded to your comment on Jael.