Friday, June 29, 2007

Inviting friends to drop by

Just a quick story today. Hart, the other cat around here that gets so little space on our blog, has a special friend. Each evening Hart likes to disappear for a few minutes and comes back rather wide eyed. He makes it clear he doesn't want to talk about it.

We don't want to talk about it either, so it works out just great.

One evening Bernie happened to look outside after Hart left, and spotted Hart sitting on the fence between us and our neighbors. A raccoon was busy unloading trash from our neighbors bins into our yard and Hart was watching intently. Ah, so that's the deal, Hart is running with raccoons. Well, what happens with between cats and raccoon stays between cats and raccoons is our motto.

It did explain why we so often found the odd bit of rubbish in our yard though. We apologize for our tendency to think our neighbors were just careless with their trash can lids.

The other day, in broad daylight Bernie started hollering for me to grab my camera because a raccoon was under the bird feeder, washing up in a tray that had filled with rain water. I wasn't quick enough to get a picture, but I was kind of surprised to learn the nocturnal raccoons were now dropping by mid day.

Well, last night the ante got upped. We had retired for the evening, when Bernie heard scratching at the back door. He got up and sleepily went to open the door, but luckily looked down before he did.

You probably guessed it...there was a raccoon scratching at the door!

Hart was scratching madly at the other back door (we have two). Bernie let Hart in, and denied entrance to Rocky R.

Honest to Pete.

What next. I suppose I should just be glad it wasn't a skunk!


Marie Christopher said...

I just love it!

Julie said...

Oh, Jill -- I love your 'animal' story !!
Racoons do come out during the day ...we saw them occasionally at our old place- they seemed to enjoy sitting in a tree observing us do life !.. I specially loved watching the mother going for a walk with seven or eight little balls following obediently in single file behind her!!
Hart had better watch his 'sit upon' if he plans on keeping company with racoons!!
I wonder if the smart racoon scratching at the door thought that if he could get in the one back door before Hart got in the other he could cut him off at the pass????
What fun!!!

Lovella ♥ said...

You said yourself, in Texas everyone comes to the back door.

Careful, what you post.

At our last home we were amused to watch a family of racoons . .mom,dad and babies make their way every evening along our fence and straight to "Kitty Kitty's" dish and enjoyed their evening meal. Kitty, Kitty went missing some time soon after that.

I'm glad Hart has made friends.

A Lady said...

What a bold little bugga!