Thursday, November 30, 2006

High Energy

I am on a high. I did it, I've written a novel!

Yesterday I literally sweated as I wrote, it was 81 degrees outside, with mosquitoes.

It was pretty much 81 degrees inside too, and a few mosquitoes had somehow snuck inside as well.

I suffered for my art, mostly because I think it is just wrong to have to use air conditioning in late November.

My friend Gail who lives in Colorado Springs had 18 degrees outside, with snowflakes.

I made a deal with Gail: If she would go outside and fan some of the cold air down to us, I would go outside and fan some of our toasty air up to her.

I promised I would spray for the skeeters first. No sense sending those nuisances along.

It worked.

The over night low here was 70.
But at 9 am the temperature started to drop.

We noticed the windows were fogging up.

You can see my first Camellia out there.
Tiggie decided he would go outside and sit on his "Considering Stump", the stump left over from when the tree blew down during Hurricane Rita.

He sits and his ears flick about, sensing, deciding, considering.

"I would prefer to go inside now. It getting cold out here!"

Like I said earlier, I am high as a kite today.

I had a nice long chat with our son, who has snow at his place and is cozy in his new home with double pane windows, even with like 1 degree temperatures.

Bernie is back from Toronto. Laura is pounding away on her story, AND posting on her blog
Her world is so different than mine.

Anyway, the drop in temperature just invigorates me. I went and bought two small two foot high Christmas trees, shipped from Bellevue, Washington, our son's girlfriend's home town.
That is kind of sweet.

I've made a nice mug of spa tea, a mint and lavender blend. It's in the tea cup Gail got me years ago.
I brewed the tea in the gold tea pot, all the while fighting the urge to break out all the Christmas china, and decorate like crazy.

Tomorrow, December 1st. I'm going to hold off until December. And hope the cold weather lasts.

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