Monday, November 27, 2006

Changes: Summer to Fall

I wonder what setting I used for photographing the garden last summer, around early July?

That picture is so crisp and clear.

Anyway, here's how the garden looked in summer.
And here's how it looks in Fall.
Posted by Picasa This shot is a little closer to the position I was in for the summer shot.

The garden looks completely over grown, which truthfully it is. I'm waiting for January to clean out the beds under the trees, mostly because by then the dad blasted mosquitos will be in bed, asleep, and hopefully uninterested in biting me.

It is warmish today, and a little humid. We're likely to have some rain, and heavier rains later in the week. By Friday a lot of this fall color will be gone in our garden.

There will more changes to capture then. But for now, I'm enjoying taking writing breaks by walking around the garden, plotting my plot line, and planning my plans for planting my winter garden plots.

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