Wednesday, November 29, 2006

First of one, last of another, maybe.

The camellia bush bloomed this morning. Yesterday the bud was just showing a little color, and today, here it is in all its glory.

There is still enough autumn color that its reddish pink clashes with the oranges and rusts surrounding it.

We're supposed to get a big storm tomorrow, which should clear off all the fall color. I will have to decide if I want to bring this flower inside.

The rain will discolor its petals. But I hate to pick it, because it can be seen from the window, and is really a spectacular bust of color.

The camellia bush has acted as a tomato cage all summer. The volunteer tomato plant sprawled up and over the Camilla, which neatly provided some shade for the camellia. That was a good thing, as the camellia had been planted when there was a tree over it providing shade. The tree blew down during Hurricane Rite, and we were not sure the Camillia would survive in full sun.

Still having tomatoes on the vine is probably unthinkable to most folks that live north of us, where snow and ice is in their gardens.
These are probably the last of the tomatoes from this plant. One of my first blogs back in June celebrated the first tomato that ripened.

They are just the cutest little tomatoes that I have ever seen. See how tiny they are?

I might be jumping the gun here by declaring those tomatoes to be our last.

We've still got tomato blossoms. It's 81 degrees here today, so who knows when this plant will finally call it quits.

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Kate said...

You might want to just bag your camelia and see if it survives the storm. We saw lots of bags on plants in Italy. Didn't get a close look tho'. Those little volunteer 'maters are the best and they do go on and on and on.
K Q;-)