Thursday, October 19, 2006

Bell's Palsy update

Fearless. That's me.

They say that the camera doesn't lie, but I never noticed my nose was crooked before.

I do happen to know that the camera elongates and slightly warps the face. In art class we learned how to tell if a portrait was done from real life or a photograph by the slight bowing of the facial features.

It is the right side of my face that is affected. I can smile slightly now, and close my eye. Not automatically though. It takes a strong scrunch to get my eye to close. With each scrunch I can pictures wrinkles being carved into my face.

Scratch that...character lines gracing my face.

I am SO ready for a complete make over. New hair style, new glasses, new makeup, new weight and measurements.

Sometimes I look at the cats and think: Fur covered. THAT's the way to go. It is so unfair that the cats look cute their whole lives, and they never consult a mirror.

Posted by Picasa Thanks to all of you who sent your encouragement and included me in your prayers.

Keep it up, and hopefully I will soon be able to post a picture with both eyes closed, and another with a full, ear to ear smile.


Kate said...

You GO, Girl! I can see a lot of improvement. It looks like you are really on the mend. Hurrah! And what is wrong with a crooked nose? Just so you know you are not alone, I've had a crooked nose since the age of 2 when a porch swing came back and smacked me in the face. No one noticed for years that my nose had been broken. So glad to see you braving the storm so well. Cheers!! Kate Q:-)

Anonymous said...

You are still, and always have been, beautiful in my eyes. Love you, Laura