Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Dress like a hot librarian, but still think like a geek

Project Runway for librarians:

Librarian hats: Tori Amos rocks!

(Hats! Gloves! Veils! Nylons with polka dots! Yazah! Shazam! What library school did she go to?)

Librarian wear: The chic librarian

Librarian costume: At last!

Librarian Dress: Prim and proper

Librarian Dress #2: The 1940's version
(At that price, most librarian will be priced out. But tell me again, I forget, what IS the Dewey Decimal number for sexy?)

Overseas/Middle East Librarian guy wear: White is the new white
(note the screen presentation)

Vera Wang created glasses entitled: Librarian
(She did the dress too...perfect for wearing while fixing the d*** network cable, again)

Harris County Libraries (my own public library system) had "Dress like a Librarian Day"
(14 pictures...I know some of these folks and I see nothing different than their usual wear. Except a bit cleaner...ohhh, I'm in trouble now!)

Frankly I think pajamas are the perfect Librarian wear. Don't most people prefer to curl up IN BED with a good book?

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Anonymous said...

"Dress like a librarian day." What fun! I absolutely love the sweater clip; and it looks like Linda Wang found a sleeved version of the Vera Wang. Hope Houston is drying out and that the Bell's is subsiding as well.