Monday, October 16, 2006

Tornado watch and Tiggie off watch

It is 2 am and I can't sleep. My eye will not stay shut, even plastered tight with saran wrap. Last night I stayed up until 12, and slept until 11:30 on Sunday morning, and now my sleep cycle is all goofed up.

Mostly, though, it is the rain that is keeping me up. Thunder wouldn't bother me. We aren't having any thunder, just noisy windy rain.

A heavy enough down pour that I checked the Weather website.

There's a tornado watch.

We get lots of those. It just means that conditions are such that a tornado would be possible.

A tornado warning means a tornado is actually happening or about to happen.

My "ignorance is bliss" is kaput now. I cheerfully sleep through watches all the time. This time, I'm wide awake.

So I took a picture to share with my dear readers. That's the rain lit up by the spot light outside my office window in the front of the house. There's a small stream running down the street too.

We won't flood, but I am sure there are folks in Houston right now who are loading up stuff to avoid flooding damage.

A crummy way to spend the night for them. By daybreak the local news will fill us in on who is going to be filing insurance claims and needing to figure a different way to get to work around flooded roads.

Some members of the community never have any trouble sleeping.

Any where, any time.

I guess if he can sleep, I should give it another shot. I'll just say a prayer for people to be safe in the storm and head back to bed.

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Anonymous said...

Added you to my blogroll. Trade?

Marie Christopher said...

These Houston rains --- they just won't quit sometimes. Zoe and I got soaked three times yesterday, just running our Sunday errands. But, hey, we didn't melt.

Anonymous said...

AAAwwwww!!!! Tiggie cute!!! Grandpa S say's "that's my friend. Where's old wide-body?"