Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Victorian Elegance: The hats we bought

Gayle acquired this Victorian wire framed museum quality hat. Under the turned up back is a big purple bow. The Scottish thistle was surely a tribute to Queen Victoria and her passion for all things Scottish. Gayle also got a pink silk small brim hat, a brown "Paddington Bear" style hat, and a red tam hat with a white silk pom pom and blue ribbon, by Yves St. Laurent. She plans to liven up the Texan football games with that fashion accessory.
This is a close up of the sleeve detail of the Victorian silk wrapper/tea gown that Gayle also acquired. The back flutters out as she walks and the endless hand made lace and rouching is to swoon over.
My cute little navy straw and cream fabric flowers 1940-50 style hat, with open crown lace work. Can't wait to wear it with my navy pant suit.
The sea anenome/squid hat that troubled some folks. The "feathers" are actually silk with blue and lavender roses tucked in at four points. I still think it is darling! Posted by Picasa

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Marie Christopher said...

Love your acquisitions - including the blue hat. It looked lovely on you!