Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Houston Hat Net: "Kate's in Town!" party

The Houston Hat gathered for a "Hurray, Kate's in Town" party. Kate usually is in Switzerland now, but is seen here in the center seated in purple tones, and strangely hatless. I'm right next to her in the short skirt (eeek! well, it was a hot day). Gayle in fatigues, as we had just hauled in after a half day at Victorian Elegance and five hours of driving.
Kate and Marit, in hats by Marit.
Sue lighting up the world with her smile. The lady is an "incomparable", what a sweetie and you should see her car...it is a hippo. Really. Her car is a Toyota RAV made into a hippo.
Maureen takes her turn to try the Victorian Thistle hat.

Notice the PILE of hats on the bed behind her! We were all enjoying a hat try on session, as is our usual amusement at these events. Posted by Picasa

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