Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Victorian Elegance continued

Gayle, Suzanne, aka "The Hat Goddess", Rhonda and I met for dinner Friday night. And as Millinery Guru Kate always declares, ladies in chapeaux are seated in the window as it is good for business.
We could scarcely eat for having to receive compliments from other diners.

At the show we went for a group photo. We were amazed to see ourselves on a poster as we entered the show, our group shot from last February's show, at which time there was an ice storm...hence our bundled up appearance.

Bonita is in the pink. Don't we look like we are having fun? You would never guess what serious and business-like professions we ply the rest of the time!

Suzanne hat's are her own creations. I'm in my own newly purchased hat...which later received scathing reviews from one friend and one husband. Can't please everyone...I liked it, bought it, so there! I'm also wearing the peach silk bed jacket, cute, huh?

Our Feb 2006 group photo, no we are NOT more antiques! Posted by Picasa

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