Thursday, September 14, 2006

Park City continued part 2

Once we got home Jeff came up to join us for a dinner. We chose a Southwestern style restaurant that was fabulous.

I loved the metal goblets, they made the water (delicious mountain stream water) taste even more icy cold.
I ordered a buffalo dish.
Bernie got elk.

We switched as I found the buffalo was a little too flavorful for my palate.

Jeff, seen in the background here, ordered Trout Fajitas.

Oh. My. Gosh.

A taste sensation, should I ever go trout fishing again.

Were these not the most delicious looking meals?

(In the center of the restaurant were about 20 men having a gathering of some sort...bottles of wine and appetizers galore.
My jaw dropped when I realized that the shrimp cocktail that one man was consuming was being held by a bowl in which swam a siamese fighting fish...a blue one....AKA a Beta fish. I don't know if I could handle eating shrimp with a live fish giving me the fishy eye!)

After our meal we headed back to the resort, and dangled our feet in a hot tub while Jeff had a macanudo cigar and we enjoyed the stars in the city light free black sky, under an autumn half moon.

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