Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I am joining in on Rhondi's Waterlogue Wednesday Link Party today.

I noticed fellow blogger Rosella had a cool winter garden scene photo for a header awhile ago.
Then her photo header suddenly changed to a water color of the same scene.
I commented on it, and she graciously clued me into another blogger Rhondi post about the iphone/ipad application called Waterlogue that turns photographs in to water colors.

Talk about some kind of wonderful fun...

It only cost $2.99 to load the ap onto my iphone and minutes later I was getting the water colors that I had always been itching to do, once I had time and talent in my life.

This Waterlogue painting was from the photo below.
I suspect that if I loaded the water color into Picasa I could touch up a few "painter-ly" details like the small spot on my lower lip and the wrinkle lines on my chest, ahem.

Bernie toting five month old grandson about...a favorite photo of ours takes on a new sweet life.

Our living room.  I like how the lampshades came out sketched.

This is my absolute favorite "painting".

The photo is of my cousin's enclosed porch, taken last summer in Wallingford CT.
Springtime feeling come alive in the watercolor version.

My cousin cuddling her cat Murray

A self portrait.

I have taken watercolor course work and let me tell you...this is a whole lot faster and much more fun.
Now if I can only figure out how to print the pictures on watercolor paper...

Thanks Rhondi!


Rhondi said...

Hi Jill. Isn't it amazing how cool it is to watch the pictures being "painted right before your eyes? I love the vibrancy of some of the photos of people. Thanks for joining the party. Hope you'll do it again next week.

Rosella said...

Wonderful!! I agree about getting some of these pictures printed - they're amazing!!! This truly is addictive!

Lorrie said...

This is the third post I've seen with these beautiful watercolors. What a great app!