Monday, February 17, 2014

Gallery Stroll: Farmington

Hey...would you like to go see an art exhibit with me? 
It is a show of mostly painting of children and childhood; it is going to be so wonderful!
(Please say yes and come along...)

 I went to the show by myself last week and just imagined that  my blogging buddies came along with me.

Doesn't this painting of a family with ten stair step children and family dog just make you smile?

Davis Art Center gallery is in the City of Farmington inside a city owned building where not only is there an art gallery, there is also several rooms devoted to both adult and children art classes.
I will admit it.
So Jealous.
I had no idea what "shows" I would find as I strolled along all by my lonesome.

I found this series absolutely fascinating.
Painting of Orphans were done from photographs taken of the Orphans Home children back in the 1920s.
How beautiful, somber and sad each child was dressed in their "Sunday Best".

The details of the girl's dresses and bobbed hair cuts...who sewed their dresses and cut their hair in the latest style of the era?

Essie Adams looks like she needs a hug and a kiss...

Each child's name was noted beside the painting.
Wonder why Lovie got to hold daisies as she wore her sweet yellow dress.
Reminded me of my friend with a similar name who also loves yellow.

I hope the children grew up to have reasonably happy adulthood, and perhaps their children and grandchildren have seen those photos and are pleased with the artist's portraits.
The artist husband grew up in that Orphanage, and it was while attending a reunion there with him that the artist came upon the photographs.
as a contrast....
The same artist painting of children nearly 100 years later.

So happy, so proud!

Doesn't he look like a handful?

And I wouldn't want to mess with this girl once she grows up.
The  painting title...

Isn't that fun?

Oh my...Mr. Coolness.

I'd love to talk with this guy.

The faces on those green galoshes!

This one about stopped my heart with its sweetness.

Sweet sigh.
The trusting look on that little face.

Next was another facet of childhood, this time as being experienced in the Dominican Republic.

I believe it rains a lot in the DR;  I wondered how this lass acquired an umbrella to hold while she was in a fancy trimmed dress.

Details of the dress and the "bling" the girl wore.
And her graceful hands...

Childhood being experienced behind a barb wired fence.

Wish you could see this photo without my reflection.
Then from the seriousness of Dominican Republic life to imaginary childhood life.

Childhood frolics...

Simple fun...

Boys being boys...

No guess what the boys have found but obviously whatever it was it caught the attention of all the boys in the area on a warm summer day.
Painting title:

Another look at childhood with parental love as a theme:

I loved this quiet love and the title:

Then childhood captured via cut paper.

Another cut paper work.

This one was titled "Forgiveness".
What a brilliant subject choice.
The artist's statement:
Artist Statement: Creation has always been a huge part of my life no matter the medium. The human experience remains at the forefront of my work and motivates my concepts. It helps me absorb moments in life and define relationships. I am drawn to forms simplified and unique color palettes despite the medium. I don’t wish to be labeled by a particular media, I prefer to have them all at my disposal.

The minimal paint usage of this artist let the child appear to float.

Another curious boy...

I wonder if Eli is related to the artist.

Well that is enough art for today.
I finished my gallery stroll feeling quite satisfied with my outing.
Outside the air was warmer than usual for February and the snow was melting on the Farmington area hillside.

The only thing that would have been better would have been if you, dear reader, had been with me and we could have gone out for tea afterwards and discussed the art that we saw.
If you'd like, perhaps you could enjoy a cup of tea or coffee now and let me know:
 what you thought of the art
which painting you liked best
 of those that *we* saw together, blogger style!


Lovella ♥ said...

I know what you mean about wanting to give hugs and kisses to the orphan children. I wonder if they ever had reason to smile. We simply can't imagine but these paintings give us a glimpse. I wonder what it was like to paint them. Surely it would have been difficult to do day after day.
I love the children frolicking paintings. There I seem happiness and children being how they were meant to be. Thank you for sharing. I would loved to have walked the show with you.

ellen b. said...

The first one of the childhood frolics was my favorite with the children dressed up in different costumes. Fun exhibit.

Vee said...

Oh that was challenging to see those nobody-knows-the-trouble-I've-seen faces. Glad that you shared some lighter work like the floating girl who with an economy of line is so very lovely.

Rosella said...

What a great exhibit and thanks for taking me along. I would have loved to accompany you in person! The orphan children paintings are so very interesting and leave me wondering what has happened to them! I loved "Eli" the best - so sweet.

Rhondi said...

Hi Jill What a wonderful art gallery. I would love to have been there with you and had a cup of tea after :) I am having a Waterlogue party tomorrow on my blog. Maybe you can join us. I just posted about it.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Wonderful and charming. Lee is my favorite artist, those last two paintings.

Kathie said...

I would adore an exhibition like that! I think "With Grandma" is my favourite - I could see Josie in that picture. And I also like "Eli" because I remember my boys squatting down and examining things on the beach just like that. The orphan girls were very fascinating - even if they were solemn at least they were well-dressed and not in uniforms.

Very enjoyable visit! Thanks for taking us along Jill!