Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hoping for Good Feline Garden Reviews

In our living room last Sunday afternoon: Tiggie poses on the edge of the couch.

He really is into posing and is totally aware how well his green eyes match his background, while his orangeness is brought out via color contrast.

Hart on the other hand looks better photographed with Bernie's grey sweatshirt as a backdrop.

His green eyes look pretty good in the room too.

Both cats are staying extremely close at hand since we returned from our vacation.

I think they missed us or something....

Yes...it is lovely to be a cat at our place on the weekends.
The other neighborhood cats feel the same way.
Our next door neighbor's cat "Gracie" comes by our place to spa in the sunshine on our front porch.
She does cat yoga, then give herself a massage by rolling and stroking herself with her pretty pink tongue.

Hart hadn't noticed Gracie out there yet.

Ooops...maybe I shouldn't have pointed out what was happening outside our front window.

(I didn't mention what was going on out our back window....Missy snoozing on the back porch couch. There really is no good reason to totally ruin Hart's day.)
Our house and garden is a cat oasis in a sea of doggie estates.
The neighbors on either side of us have dogs, and the three houses behind us also have dogs patrolling their yard.
Not very cat friendly, or flower friendly either for that matter.
No wonder all the neighborhood cats from other streets choose to hang out at our place on a sunny weekend afternoon.

The cats stroll through our yard like our place was on a garden tour or something.
I have to wonder if they later blog about what they see on some sort of psychic cat communication site.

There are at least three other cats that swing by regularly and view the flowers both up close and then from far away as they perch in the distance atop tree branches and fence rails.
(I decided to photograph the flowers as they see them-up close!)

Believe it or not, we got more snow last night. About three inches of the white stuff topped our garden, but it was melting rapidly by the time I got up this morning.
I think the cat garden review committee will wait until later to come by.

Another storm is scheduled to arrive later today, so the cats will need to plan their day accordingly.

This morning Tiggie and Hart took one look out the door at the wet drippy snow and retired to their favorite napping places.

They're not much on doing committee work anyway.

Can't say as I blame them....

I'd be snoozing with them if it wasn't a work day, and I avoid all committee work like the plague.

I really could use a snooze: I was up until 2 am last night painting and thinking about how to re-arrange and re-do our downstairs office area.
I came up with some great ideas!
Is it spring time inspiration or snowfall clarity that has been powering up my creative circuits? New ideas have been slow to come to me over the winter for some reason.
Whatever the cause of my creative rejuvination, I am glad.
I'll do some "Before and After" posts after the work is all done, and
after the touring cat window peek snoopervision is finished.
Gotta to get feline approval...who knows what they are saying to each other about our place on their blogs!


Judy said...

I see spring has arrived everywhere! I'll be back to say what you dreamt up at 2am. Some do their best dreaming & scheming in the middle of the night.

Lovella ♥ said...

Up at 2 am working with your creative juices flowing. I can't wait to see what you've done.
Your close ups of the pictures are wonderful. .are you using them for inspiration for the colors downstairs?
All the best with those feline garden reviews.

Vicki said...

Perhaps I need to send Spooky out your way for a little spa vacation. She's gotten awfully lazy lately...even more lazy than a typical cat. She needs a little excitement in her "boring" life!

Your spring bulbs look wonderful!!

ellen b. said...

A little birdie said you were celebrating a birthday...Happy birthday to you. Hope you have a fun adventure to enjoy on your day!