Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Candle-blowout day again....

How I spend April 14th in the past:
As a two year old in 1956
Age three in 1957-my dad's parent gave me the bunnies!
Age four in 1958
Ahhh...age 5!
It was the beginning year of the tradition of having little wooden angel candle holders on the cake.
Age six with a "Toni" perm and wearing my girl cousin Bonnie's hand me down dress.


1963...age 9
(Still wearing that same hand-me-down dress! Amazing isn't it?*)
1964-age 10, having a birthday party at the Rheinlandhaus German restaurant with friends.
I loved that dress with lavender and turquoise flowers and the bell sleeves made from a sheer fabric.

Age 11: Mom was taking a cake decorating class.
Notice the host of angels on the cake and my blue point Siamese cat Winnie looking on.
Age 12. These pictures are photos of my computer screen taken of the slide pictures that had been loaded onto a CD. Someday I'm hoping to buy a slide scanner and get better resolution.
Teen ager!
Age 14. Mom's cake artistry shows with the birthflower sweet peas decorating this cake.
Fifteen. I loved that knit dress and kept wearing it through college!
Sweet Sixteen...and only one candle for some reason.
My first birthday picture was a printed photo that I've posted before.
Aren't you glad I don't have FIFTY SIX pictures to blog share today?
(*I had girl cousins who were dressed identically by my aunt. Bonnie and Chris were two years apart in age, I was the only girl cousin younger than they were so I would get TWO of each of their dressy dresses. The dresses were usually quite beautiful, but it was quite odd to be wearing a "re-run" wardrobe every two years!)


Lovella ♥ said...

What amazing pictures.. .I doubt that many girls our age have a picture with a cake for each year. You must have been very loved. .. and of course still are.

Many happy returns of the day. .
Happy Birthday Jill.

Judy said... never wore hats on your special day? I'm surprised.

Were you an only child? I can't believe you have such a portfolio of birthday pic's...and beautiful ones. And your mom really knew how to make the cake special!

Have a fabulous day!

ellen b. said...

Oh the birdie was correct. Happy Birthday you young-un!

Vicki said...

Lucky you to have birthday photos like that! My birthday was always lost in the hustle-bustle of the Christmas holidays.

Happy Birthday, Jill! May you enjoy many, many, many more! :)

Julie said...

Jill...I was quite prepared to see 56 photos ! What made you stop with 15????
I don't have a single photo of me with a birthday cake!!
Your collection is amazing!!
I wish you a very blessed Happy Birthday, Jill... and many, many more 'cakes' to add to your birthday collage! smile....

Anneliese said...

Happy Birthday, Jull! Such precious photos and memories!
As I was scrolling through them I realized that I don't have a single picture of me with a birthday cake until I was - oh, I should check, but maybe 40! I never thought of it before. I guess Birthday cakes were not important to my mom or we didn't always have a camera. Of course, I've baked tons of cakes for all occasions, but never one for myself.
I wish you your hearts desires for this coming year.

Dawn said...

What??? No photo of little you holding the phone???

Loved the photos...I could relate since we are similar in age.
The only thing....I don't remember having a birthday cake after the age of five.
Mama was not a cook and I think she got it out of her system quickly...the birthday cakes, that is.

You were and are obviously adored.

Hope you ate something yummy for the big day....and a little something extra for me, too.

Vee said...

Oh I loved seeing you grow up! I wouldn't have minded 56 photos either.