Thursday, April 15, 2010

What's the buzz...tell me what's a-happening.

Daffodils bloom in one direction.

Turn around and see this.

Look upwards; the bare branched trees have turned pink.

While at home, red summery strawberries nestle into cake.

That's what's happening around here.

I'm thinking about the lyrics from Jesus Christ Super Star:

What's the buzz?

Tell me what's a-happening?


Why should you want to know?

Don't you mind about the future?

Don't you try to think ahead?

Save tomorrow for tomorrow;

Think about today instead.


What's the buzz?

Tell me what's happening.


I could give you facts and figures.

Even give you plans and forecasts.

Even tell you where I'm going.


When do we ride into Jerusalem?


Why should you want to know?

Why are you obsessed with fighting Times and fates you can't defy?

If you knew the path we're riding,

You'd understand it less than I.


What's the buzz?

Tell me what's happening.

Here's what made me think of the old song:

The United States Library of Congress has announced that it will be archiving all Twitter messages.

You know, Twitter, that 140 character means of communication that people use to share news that range from the ridiculous to the sublime.

"Tweets" about eating a banana for breakfast; or Congressional votes.

I personally don't use Twitter, but like the Apostles, I always want to know what is happening.

I check the real time global earthquake reports a couple times a day.

Watch stock market reports.

Skip around webpages reporting on medical research, military efforts, decorating trends.

Facebook has replaced phone calls to inform me about upcoming surgeries, legal problems and yes, even deaths and funerals of family and friends.
My brain is addicted to news...did you read about how European flights are all grounded because of the Icelandic volcanic eruption?
(No one I know is currently flying out of Europe, I know no one who lives in Iceland, and I can't see the volcano from here. Why should I care about this? No reason at all, but yet I do.)

The long hand written letter morphed into an email; the journal article has been replaced by the blog.
The phone call is now too burdensome upon one's day; calls are not taken, a few letters flashed onto a screen is preferred.

Relational nuances could be communicated by choice of words or tone of voice; now there is no time for such subtle finesse.

Twitter and text messages go out nuance and mostly hard news free.


Apparently yes, or at least the cryptic message will be seen later in the Library of Congress.

By whom, and why, I can't imagine.
But if anyone is interested reading such messages again, they will be there.
Whether the writer intended for it to seen again or not.


myletterstoemily said...


1. i loved that musical when in

2. we escaped the volcanic ash
by two days!

3. not quite as twitterpated as you. :)

4. this is the most interesting blog
i follow.

Marg said...

I remember going to the live drama of Jesus Christ Superstar...I loved it. And yes, my niece in Germany could not fly home today...
Technology has really changed the way we do things eh?
Ya, it's like those words, What's the buzz?
Hours can go by and all of done is sit by my computer, but I'm so happy!!