Monday, March 22, 2010

Ten more shopping days...

Ten more shopping days until Easter!
Are you on the hunt for a perfect spring chapeau?
Need inspiration?
(Need courage?)
I'm going to try to snag and post a few images from here and there to get your inner fashionista to emerge in time for the special day.
Picture this: You have pulled your hair back smoothly, and made creative use of your pony tail by forming it into a low chignon or bun. Or perhaps you already wear your hair quite short.
Now imagine this hat on your head as you arrive at the morning church Easter celebration:

Hat created by the AMAZING milliner Carmen Aguadero, who live in Sevilla, Spain.

Check out other views of her fabulous creations at her blog HERE.

For more views of the hat above, look HERE.

For airline tickets to Spain: You are on your own. If you see a great air fare deal...let me know!

(Take another look at the veil in the picture above: Don't your just love the pearl accents? and what a better way to say Spring has come than fresh peas growing in the garden!)


Anonymous said...

Oooh!!! That hat would go >PERFECTLY< with my easter dress!!! Laura

Judy said...

I knew exactly where this post was going...Easter and bonnets just go together. I look forward to seeing yours!

Dressing up for Easter seems to be a thing of the past in these parts, a hat is quite low on my shopping list right about now.

Lovella ♥ said...

Oh that is sweet. I love the pearls in the pod. .how clever. .
The hat is ever so feminine. . .I can imagine those colors so lovely on Laura.

ellen b. said...

Oh I remember so well the days when Easter guaranteed lots of hats in church. That hat is perfect for Easter...

Marg said...

Great post and from the right source. We drove through Van today and I looked in those fancy stores, thinking...we never dress like that..
But you always inspire me to think about fashion...I'm way to casual.

But I wish you could see my hair...My bob is finally long enough to make a French Braid...Now I just need the hat.

Vicki said...

That hat is darling! I love the little peas, er, pretty. It's the perfect color for a redhead!

myletterstoemily said...

oh, gorgeous. way too lovely
for my pitiful head!

since i sing in the choir, i have
started a little competition.

we have the best seats in the
house to choose the best
easter hat!

L&D said...

For the record, I'd LOVE to join Chapeau club. But hats just look silly on me. I can grace them nearly as elegantly as you can, beautiful Jill. I do love that hat. It is gorgeous.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Oh yes, those pearl peas are wonderfully extravagant! i love this hat.

Marie Christopher said...

Thanks for the hats and the links....missing wearing hats. Karen and I are going to get HHN going again after Easter. Come join us!