Monday, November 09, 2009

Warm and Fuzzy...

I was polishing up my kitchen appliances the other night.
They are all stainless steel, and less than eight months old.
They may be stainless...but I'm discovering that they are not scratch less.
I've discovered all the horizontal handles (oven, dishwasher) now have slight scratches just left of center.
Because I am a married lady and I wear a ring (most days...) on the third finger of my left hand.


Thankfully a bit of buffing and all was OK again.
But it made me think.

While I lived in Houston I acquired a felted ring. At the time I got it because it just made me laugh. A fabric ring! Imagine that!
The ring is comfortable, soft, colorful, and feels especially good when I rest my head on my hand, or am holding hands in cold weather.

In fact, wearing that ring to work yesterday gave me that "comfy sweater and slippers on a Saturday morning" kind of feeling all over. Funny how something so small on my finger could create good tactile memories all over me.

I realized that kind of feeling, especially on a Monday workdays needs to be accessed more often.
I went (virtual) shopping.
You can shop along with me by clicking on the words in brown below each picture!

Definitely getting this modern art is ordered and on the way!

Thinking about the flowers. If the roses could come in a variety of colors, they could work as mood rings too...wearing a yellow rose could signal one mood, an orange rose another mood...

I like the Calamari-like simple rings. They are a total bargain too!

I'm drawn to the elegant mixtures of sea sponge, pearls and wool.
(I'm getting that one too...)
The crafter/artist has made a series of sea inspired rings.

It cracked me up to think wearing a finger pumpkin.
Little kids would be fascinated.
Adult kids would be fascinated...
What a conversation starter!

I would like this one too... maybe Santa will get it for me!

A long tube would keep my ring finger extra snuggy warm.

This my favorite orange and green combo...think I might have to have this one.
Peas and carrots!

(or yawn...depending on your mood.)
I'd never get any work done wearing this is just too cute! Isn't it amazing what can be done with a bit of wool roving?

Yes, they hold up just fine to average wear and tear.

Yes, I wash my hands with my felted ring on sometimes by mistake...the wool repels water.

Yes, they make me smile.

Yes, they are all available on Etsy

And yes I want to learn how to make them.

Like take a class with friends? I've read how they are made...not too hard at all really.

Yes, it would be a lot more fun to be making the rings with friends.
Guess I'll now have to get busy finding a class.
Or maybe even learn how to teach it.
(PS: Two people on my sidebar are involved in this craft: Glorious Hats makes wonderful felted items, and Hat Diva sells wool roving for spinning and felting. Check them out too!)


Lovella ♥ said...

Oh my goodness. .how fuzzy I felt when I saw these fun rings and I felt quite needy of one. I felt that I might also look up the etsy shopping of felt rings. ..I felt it was very good of you to give us the idea.

Islandsparrow said...

Felt rings are a new one to me. Wondering how you buffed up your stainless steel apps? My newly married son has a small stainless steel covered island and it's scratched too.