Monday, September 21, 2009

The Last Weekend of Summer 2009

September 19, 2009
A beautiful Saturday morning

The newspaper arrives with free samples of cereal.
I comment to Bernie: It is just like finding manna out there!

In rapid repartee, Bernie shot back: I'd rather have quail.

Turns out the quail was to be found just a bit over from the manna in the front yard....
(And did you know that quail nest on the ground? Such nesting habits were important if they were to feed the Wandering Jews in the Wilderness long ago.)

After coffee, juice and newspaper time on the deck, B. turned to working on the fence, while I went for a much needed massage.

Can you believe it? When I got there, there was a need for volunteers to get facials so the skin care students could get in enough clinic hours in order to graduate on time.

Shoot...I had to get a massage AND a facial.
Well...twist my arm.
I'm in.
Facial first please....

I do love those anti-ageing tri-enzyme rose scented steamed lavender exfoliation orange toner and I forget what else got rubbed on me during the hour that I spent reclined for beauty treatments.
I did count three hot towel wraps however.
Why men gave up going to the barber shop for shaves and hot towel treatments mystifies me.
A hot towel around one's face is a wonderfully thing.

The students still needed more clinic time...and since various places on my face could use a touch of wax to "tidy" things up...I stayed another hour getting pretty.

WARNING: You might want to wait until sometime when you feel steady and are not eating before you see what else went on.

Don't say I didn't warn you....
The dreaded nostril waxing!

I had talked to everyone who had had the procedure done around campus and everyone swore it was just no big deal. Painless really. All the nostril hair tears out at once so there is no one hair registering a big old ouch.

So what the heck...bring it on!

Believe it or not, it really was painless. A stick dipped in wax was inserted about 3/8th of an inch up the nostril, then that side of the nose was pinched slightly, and about 15 seconds later the stick was pulled out swiftly.

Boy are there some old guys who should give this treatment at try. Either that or they should start braiding their nose hair, one or the other.

You know what I mean?

Apparently nose and ear hair develop and thickens with age, so that's one more area to worry about as the years roll by.

But now you know.
Nostril waxing: No big deal!

Then it was time for the massage.
Ahhh...the student will be graduating in 4 weeks, and is really great on sore shoulder muscles and trigger point (those little painful knots that can form.) job as a librarian is tough sometimes. The free unlimited massages and facials perk makes it all worthwhile. Next week I'll be going back in for some more of this kind of action.

I'm lobbying for full body skin treatment sometime. Arms, legs, back, feet...yes, rub and scrub and wrap and moisturize me until all my skin looks baby fresh.

Oh...but it was only three o'clock by the time I was done.

There was so much more to

To be continued!!!!


Amy Letinsky said...

Nice job perk! The nose thing...I don't know. I believe you, and yet...OUCH! You're a brave woman, Jill!

Anneliese said...

That sounds like a wonderful day - starting with the manna and quail and then a facial and massage... although I don't remember the latter in the original story! Hhmm... nose hairs... I thought they are supposed to keep you from getting all kinds of stuff into your system. I think I'll keep mine for now.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...


Only the hair around the immediate opening is removed. There is plenty left up and out of sight to filter stuff out. I had the same concern as you did at first.

L&D said...

I can't believe you chronicled this adventure. So awesome. And that is why I love you so......


I too, think I'll keep my nostril hair regardless of how "non-painful" it was. Yeesh.

Vicki said... eyes are watering now, just from thinking about having one's nose hairs yanked out!

You are an outstanding research librarian - you document life's important events and need-to-know stuff so thoroughly!

Hand me a tissue, willya please?

Lovella ♥ said...

Oh I do love your research pictures in the beauty school. I can imagine my skin would thank me for some tender loving care. . .it looks good on you. ..can't wait to see the final picture.

Marg said...

What a pleasant day at work. Ouch1 when you talked about hair...
My upper lip is bad enough...
I'll just retire for a good Swedish Massage.
Enjoy next week.
Too bad it didn't last a bit longer eh? But that's why we have extra money now (pension) so we can play a bit more.

Julie said...

Jill, I do love your willingness to be a 'sport' and try whatever is offered !
How funny to go from Manna and Quail to a modern spa!

Judy said... do have quite the perks with your library job. Who would have thought...wraps, waxes and warm towels came with the position? Not to mention nose hair removal. Oh my.