Sunday, June 28, 2009

Laura and Margo Come To Town

Laura and Margo have been friends since high school. Margo has recently returned to live in San Diego as has Laura and the two have picked up where they left off after high school...with about a decade worth of growing up and interesting adventures between them.
(If you keep up with Laura's may remember Laura's party for Margo's 30th bday..."Paint the Town Red" and Margo at Laura's "Farewell to the Twenties Party." They KNOW how to have fun!)

We had decided to let Laura have some of our unwanted furniture to feather her new nest...which meant a flight here for her and a drive back to San Diego in a Uhaul truck. Margo was willing to tag along to help drive, and to see SLC at the same time.

They landed in a crazy storm...people were making use of the little white bags in the seat pockets in front of them...if you know what I mean. Laura and Margo both agreed that was one bumpy storm!

Once they grabbed their luggage and raced through wind and huge rain drops...and I had wrestled with wind warnings on the freeway...everything else was easy going.

We walked over to our favorite Sushi restaurant for dinner....

Laura had her favorite treat...raw quail eggs...

The sushi chef had a new menu item...something called a "bomb." It was usual.
We are getting to be regulars at the restaurant, where the waitresses wear kimonos and greet everyone like family.

We had mochi ball ice cream (mango and green tea) for dessert after several orders of various sushi treats, but the chef then surprised us with his own special happy ending to the meal...this fanciful creation of watermelon and strawberries.

This was Thursday night...the weekend was off to a good early start.
Friday's adventures tomorrow!

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Vicki said...

How nice that old friends are able to reunite and make this trip together. (I know it's reassuring to you that Laura has company along for the trip, too.)

I'm not much on sushi, but I love the artistic way the food is prepared!