Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Random patterns

The Louisiana Walking Lily (Iris) has another blossom. Usually they all bloom in one week, in April, and that's that for the year.
The striped design on the petals fascinate me, as well as the color scheme.

The crape myrtle blooming against a blue sky seems to also have a bar or striped pattern.
Once you start looking for patterns in your world, it is hard to stop.

This comic in today's paper made me laugh out loud. Right after we saw it, one of B.'s co-workers sent him a copy of a wedding invitation in which guest were invited to travel to New Zealand to witness the nuptials.
Yeah right.
What ever happened to a nice tasteful ceremony in a local church anyway???
Today we have the four paint guys chattering away in Spanish as they work on the sunroom. The counter top polishing team will be working in the bathroom; Bernie and I have moved into the guest bath for now, and will continue using that bath until the house sells. It is smaller, and I figure easier to keep up (see yesterday's post for details) once the house goes on the market.
We are sleeping in the guest room as well, where B. has set up his work space. That leaves our bedroom available to be an island of sanity; it doesn't get messed up at all, and I can just go in there when I need to escape.
This morning I will have an interview (via phone.) Things are getting very interesting, in a good but nerve wracking way.
I'll report more as I know more. These things take time; it may be weeks before I know if I got the job or not.
Tomorrow the new carpeting goes in, so I have to box up more stuff today; everything in the cupboards in the office, dining room buffet side table, the tea cart, and the living room. It will be a busy day....
Finally, Happy Canada Day to the neighbors to the north!


Marie Christopher said...

I hope someone buys your house who will love it as much as you and Bernie have done....and treat it with the great respect that you have done. Your house has a wonderful welcoming feeling. And it's in a lovely location.

Lovella ♥ said...

NO comments yet. . that can only mean that you are in the midst of your interview. . .a quick prayer has been offered.
Oh Jill, it sounds like it is a world wind of activity there. I am so glad that even though you don't know the plans. . God does.

Have a wonderful Canada Day .. do sit and have a cool sip with your B and have a pretend celebration with us.

Anonymous said...

I love that iris! I've never seen one like that before.

I completely understand about living out of the easier-to-clean rooms. When we're in the house on weekends, we keep the footprint small (and easy to clean). Unfortunately, our son "had" to move back into our house yesterday (loooong story), so I'm afraid that there will be a lot of cleaning to do on weekends. I'm praying for the ongoing drama in his life to cease and for a quick sell of that house...and of yours, too!

Anonymous said...

Hal spotted the same cartoon in our paper and drew my attention to it. We agree, what's wrong with having a lovely wedding in a local area? Yours has lasted very well and ours has pretty well too. The lily picture is fascinating. Good luck with all the interviews. Love, mom S.

Miss Janey said...

Nice stripes...

The away wedding, IMJO, is for the couple who doesn't have the cajones to cut down their guest list themselves. Having a wedding in New Zealand eliminates a lot those people the felt obligated to invite, but didn't want there.

A Lady said...

Happy Canada Day!!!!
Oh, and I got that not so subtle *hint-hint* about crazy folks who want to head out to the far ends of the earth, like the Bahamas for example, to get married at. (wink, wink)Ms Janey nailed it on the head.
I did find that clip to be quite funny too. Thought of you.
Are the boys still glued to the twin sized bed with daddy?

Dawn said...

Gorgeous bloom, Jill...

It's a whole new wedding world these days....