Thursday, July 03, 2008

Inside, outside, upside down...

While my inside space is all a-whirl, I'm still taking breaks to see the outside space.

A trip to the water spigot was diverted by this tiny fellow leaping across my path.

The yellow rock is about the size of a golf ball; Mr. Toad could easily sit on my thumb nail and still have room to spare. A baby bracelet sized black ribbon snake with a white stripe the length of his body slithered away when I went in for a closer look at Toad; the snake was so very tiny I hadn't even noticed him as he was sneaking up on what I'm sure he was hoping would be dinner.

Inside amidst the carpet crew tearing up old carpet and painting crews jabbering away, Tiggie is relaxing in an interesting pose. It must be some kind of kitty yoga stretch; front paw between back knees....

I'm glad both cats are taking all this upheaval in stride.
I just wish they wouldn't snore.
They are parked next to where Bernie is working at the guest room desk, and it gets hard to stay focused when it is warm, and the cats are gently snoring away in the afternoon.
Tiggie did get up to welcome the man who came to give us a bid on moving costs.
Tiggie just fell in love on the spot; followed the fellow from room to room, making circles around him as he jotted notes on his clipboard.
When the man finished his survey, he had tears running down his face.
Poor man...totally allergic to cats.
He really should of said something.
And Tiggie really needs to lighten up with the "I'm here to love you through this" routine whenever he meets cat allergic people.
Back outside: The neighbor around the corner has a Pride of Barbados plant in bloom.

I'm all about the stamen, as usual And the fact that some of the flowers are orange and red while others are just red.

While I was running an errand I spotted this splatter of flag blue flowers beside the road.
I parked and got out with my trusty camera to get a better shot.

The blue stars with white sparkler stamen makes it a perfect Fourth of July garden candidate.
I'm not sure what the name of this flower is, or if it is even available in nurseries. Or even how it came to be growing in a drainage ditch.
I do know that I should know better than to not watch where I am going when I am trying to take a picture while wearing sandals.
I got multiple fire ant bites on my right foot; I who have been so proud of avoiding fire ant bites the entire ten years that we've lived in fire ant territory.
(I figured it was nature's way of making up for the fact that probably every mosquito that has ever lived in Texas has had a shot at my blood.)
Back inside.
The dust from all the counter buffing, wall sanding, and carpet tear up has created a fog of dust in the air.
I soon realized that even my camera lens was affected by the dust.
Today the floor tile guy comes to clean the grout on the kitchen and sun room floors, and to clean the tiles as well. I suspect more dust will be generated; I am trying to hold off on wiping things down until everything is finished.
This is harder to do than you might think.
This week has been all about turning a blind eye to messes every where; next week everything must be examined with laser vision. The house will be on the market, and even a speck of dust will not be tolerated.
The new carpet looks great, and the new pad beneath the carpet makes walking on it feel like I am wearing the softest shoes ever. I love how it looks.
The soft yellow paint in the sun room looks great, as well as the Khaki in the kitchen.
The counter tops shine as do the sinks and tubs. They look brand new!
My interview went well. I should hear by Monday if I have the job.
It would be a very cool librarian job if I get it!


Lovella ♥ said...

Oh my goodness. . upheaval is an understatement. I was thinking that you will be quite used to the reno upheaval in case your new home needs a bit of a update. . oh my. .
Anyways, your stamen pictures are gorgeous as they always are. Tiggie, what a trooper, and such a welcomer too. I do hope that I'll get to meet him someday, I am not allergic to cats, let's hope he likes me.

I added a few more thoughts to today's post. I suddenly remembered what else happened last night. . so much like last year.

Anonymous said...

Argh! Fire ants! I got bit the very next day after moving to Texas!!

I know your world is topsy-turvy right now, but you sound so calm in the midst of the mess! Perhaps the boys' laid-back cattitudes have rubbed off on you.

When the movers showed up at our house to pack, Spooky was boarded at the Vet's, so it never occurred to me to ask if anyone was allergic. By the end of the day, the driver/crew chief was in tears and hoarding every tissue box he could find!

I'll bed you're going to be like I was - after all the painting, carpeting, cleaning, and resurfacing at my house, I wanted to stay!

Oh, I do so hope that you get the really cool librarian job? By "cool," do you mean "nifty" or do you mean location?

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

That was a fun journey with you through your day. I've never met a fire ant, but have heard plenty about them from my son, who spent summers in Georgia for several years when he was younger.

I'm glad you unintentionally rescued that miniature toad from the miniature snake...

Tiggie's toes are almost as tufted underneath as Miss Kitty's. I wonder if he has Norwegian Forest Cat lineage! It's possible.