Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Actually, I am a Very Superior wife in any decade!


As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Superior

Take the test!

Sara over at Much Ado About Something posted the above test on her blog.

After seeing her results I knew I wanted to take the test too.

As a Home Economist, I felt duty bound to not only take the test but to ace the homemaking part of it as well.

As a wife of 32 years, I was sure I could rock the wifey part too. Even though my speciality is being a 1910's wife. (See this post for inspiration about homemaking in that decade, just after the story about the raccoons. Having the Raccoons for dinner: all in a day's work for a Superior wife...)

And I'm a pretty good 1950's wife (Cocktails anyone? Jello mold?)

And of course I excelled at being a 1980's wife. Recession memories, pinching a dime, squeezing a nickle...ah, those were the days. Good practice for being a 2008 wife.

Well, I came close to getting an "A" on the test.

But what the heck, it is has been thirty two years since I graduated with a Home Ec. degree, and thirty one years of modern wifehood has made me a bit sloppy I guess.

(I'm sort of wondering about the pajamas vs. nightgown test question though. And also wonder how many people nowadays understand what "marital congress" means. Hint: You don't have to decide what side of the aisle you are on for voting purposes!)

Back to being a 2008 wife. Think green, recycle everything, think twice before running an errand in the SUV, and remember to think fiber when planning meals.


Anonymous said...

I laughed when I came to the "marital congress" question! I was quite amazed that I managed to score a 73, but you excelled!

So, I've got a long list of errands to run today, all in my thirsty SUV. I've been planning my route so that I don't backtrack and still manage to hit the grocery last. After putting over 2300 miles on the SUV (I haven't added up the fuel cost yet) during the trip, I am determined to keep my driving to a minimum. My green grocery bags are already in the SUV and I'm getting ready to order my favorite oatmeal again (much better than the guy in the funny black hat).

Lovella ♥ said...

I'm running out the door for a date day .. so that probably makes me a good wife. . (I"ll take the test tomorrow to see the scientific results. .
Oh but of course you are a superior wife, and a happy one at that. .
It is amazing how the role continues to evolve . .

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

I had that same thought about the "marital congress" question; talk about an old-fashioned term!

I'll have to go see that 1910 article you linked....