Friday, September 28, 2007

Millinery: Get the point?

As promised: The first of my fall felt hats.

The arrow motif was hot in the 1920-early 30's. If you ever read the Nancy Drew books with the original illustrations, you might of noticed she often had an arrow somewhere as a design element in her outfits.

LOVE Nancy's style. Wanna be Nancy, want her car, her hair, her clothes, her friends, her boyfriend, the whole shooting match.
A few years back I had just seen the Mary Moody Northern millinery collection at the Moody Mansion in Galveston, and was fascinated by the arrow motif on one of her 1920's cloches .
The next day, when I spotted the hat I am modeling for sale on eBay I knew I just had to have it.
I suspect it is actually a more modern creation, but the arrow hit the mark for me.
It has been one of those hats that I loved, but that didn't really love me for several years.
One of those hats that I would try on, and no matter how I tilted it or did my hair, the look just didn't come together.
Until this week.
Brown vee neck 3/4 length tee shirt, men's style fabric brown crop trousers, brown loafers and off to see the eye doctor for a yearly exam.
LOVE my eye doctor!
Haven't seen him in a year; ran into him in the waiting room before my appointment.
"Hey, it's great to see ya!" he called out across the the heads of the other waitees. "I just love seeing women in hats!"

Once I was ushered into the exam room I knew I had to take my hat off while my eyes were examined. After the preliminaries, Dr. Z rolled back in his chair and looked at the little hat sitting on a chair next to my purse.
"Hats are so cool," he said. "They are like sculptures. You could have a room of them, displayed like art, with lighting."

He's married, I'm married, but I'm telling heart fluttered.
He totally gets hats.
How cool is that?
Zing...bull's eye!
Right on target!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful man! The hat is wonderful, too!

My Laura has loved Nancy Drew all her life (she even writes in a fanfic club online).

Marie Christopher said...

Oh, yes!

Lovella ♥ said...

How fun is that? I have in my very small exposure to trying on hats figured out that it makes a difference what I'm wearing.

Point well taken!!

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Love the hat, and the story! It looks great on you. I also liked your spiderweb post. Dew drenched webs are things of beauty. Also, I particularly the little flowers with the elegant stamens and the blue freckles (I notice freckles anywhere, since I live with them every day) . . .

On a totally different topic, I recently found this 2004 New Yorker article on Madeleine L'Engle. Had you seen it? (This is a very long URL string following: