Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Weaver's Gallery

(Special note to Jeff: No spiders photos appear in this post. Just webs. You'll be OK reading it this time. Love you!)
The morning dew point level combined with sunlight has been creating beautiful spider web displays now.
Sunlight and dew drops together results in exactly the same thing as sunlight and rain drops together creates: Refracted light...Rainbows.
Poetry fragments spin in my mind as the colors sparkle and glitter. Each passing breeze lifts the web; for a moment it is gone, then the web relaxes back into its colorful splendor.
Silvery web, platinum web with rainbow overlay.
Just a portion of the web caught in the light between the curving forked branch.
A quiet water's edge, with drift wood and dog paw prints. The canine enthusiasm can be read in tracks.
An inviting bench amongst the cypress.

The view, as enjoyed for a moment from the bench.
Another web, an inhabited one this time.
Tiny flowers I almost pass by. What a treat I would have missed! These flowers are about a quart inch big; I didn't even notice the elegant stamen until I loaded my disk on the computer and saw the flowers enlarged.
For once a mocking bird stayed still long enough for a picture. It was early, perhaps he was sleepy. Was it too soon for a worm?
Home again. The web's perfectly spaced dashed lines on the tethering lines are eye catching, being so regular and long. Our tiny Goth spider has some holes in her web though. A evidence of a caught bug, or snipped out debris?
Ah, it is true, housework is never done. Both of us needed to get to work.

These were pictures from yesterday. Today I'm taking Bernie on a mystery date. His cold is much better, a major business proposal is completed, and he deserves a special treat.
C ya later!


Anonymous said...

What exquisite little flowers...and webs! (Even though I'm not a fan of spiders, their intricate work is amazing.)

So glad that Bernie is better!

Marie Christopher said...

"Jill's Tours" are fabulous!