Saturday, June 23, 2007

Uncle Scott and the boys

Upon returning home from Switzerland, the first thing we saw when we walked in the door was this lovely gift basket waiting for us on the kitchen table.

Uncle Scott had out done himself again. A basket of kitty toys, a bottle of wine, and two wine glasses. In his letter he let us know that~

"the three of us had a great time playing with their toys and cuddling. Both ate well too!"

That was a shock. The boys never "cuddle" with us...what exactly does Uncle Scott mean by "cuddle"?

He went on to add that he decided that this time we would get a special treat...a nice bottle of wine. He added "the kitty toys are not for you, they are for Tiggie and Hart."

I'm so glad he cleared that up...I hate it when Bernie gets rolling with the bizzy balls and catnip socks. Yesh!

Uncle Scott even included a jolly wine holder decorated with glass grapes, and taped a catnip mouse to the bottle (just in case Bernie felt an urge to bat a toy around on the sly.)

Isn't life good with our Uncle Scott looking after all of us???

You bet it is!

(And don't you just adore the fact he was able to find a nice bottle of wine with an ORANGE cat, like Tiggie, right there on the bottle? Now that's what I call the cat's meow!)


Lovella ♥ said...

Oh goodness, I do envy your Uncle Scott. This year we feel a little tied down with having Indee join the farm. Otis was so independent, happy to sit on the loading dock all day watching life go by, not Indee, no, this morning we have already rescued 2 ant traps, 1 solar garden light and 1 coke can (from the recycle bin).
If we had Uncle Scot we'd be gone . ..
Oh I am glad that Tiggie and Hart have found such a affectionate friend. Who would have thought? Where did you look in the yellow pages?

Becky said...

Spoiled! That's all I have to say.
Does Uncle Scott care for kids?

Julie said...

Everyone needs an Uncle Scot! How sweet to have his treats waiting to welcome you home!

Demara said...

Aw, that must have been so invigorating to come home to. What a nice surprise!! I love surprise gifts!!! They're the best aren't they? (especially if you love the gift! *wink*)