Friday, April 06, 2007

Bluebonnets: It's a Texas thing

Texans use their state's shape in a lot of places for decorations, as shown on this gate.
The other big motif is the five pointed star that is found on the state flag.

We pulled over to take a picture, then an older man and women pulled up behind us in a truck, then a red mini van pulled up ahead of us and these four children clambered out of the van and romped up the hill while their mom fumbled around getting her camera ready. I loved the oldest child, the last one up the hill walking with exaggerated steps.

Family pictures, baby pictures, dog pictures, bride/bride and groom pictures are being taken all over the state. Many families have a yearly shot of their children in the same bluebonnet location, and some brides plan their weddings around blue bonnet season.

I say: Smart parents, smart brides!

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