Sunday, March 18, 2007

Scenes from SLC

The Red Butte gardens were just starting to have blooms. These little iris were stunning. Be sure to enlarge that shot!
My grandcat Meowsie and I took a little snooze together. And we discovered he likes to nibble crocus. Not a good thing!
Skiing was grand for the boys, both Friday and Sunday. This was on Friday, as Bernie managed a little work via cell phone. So much for holiday got to do what you got to do to keep the contracts running smooth.
The snow capped mountains encircle Salt Lake City. Oddly, the homes here never seem to be designed to enjoy the spectacular views.

All for now...just wanted to share some of the beauty, and of course, brag on my grandcat.
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Becky said...

The mini irises are gorgeous, especially with the two varieties intermingled! The daffs look like they are wild, are they? We have them grow in our meridian along the main highway into Vancouver. The surprise of colour when least expected is a joy in life! What a beautiful day you have had, with breath taking scenery. No wonder that area is so famous, and you and your grandkitten needed a nap!

Lovella ♥ said...

Imagaine that a grand cat with a taste for saffron. Expensive taste and yet clever he is to do some of his own gardening.

Love the picture of Bernie, doing business calls on the slopes.

The scenery there really is spectacular. I just love the mountians in the background.

Tobee was over for a bit today and I enjoyed spoiling my little grandpup for a bit when mommy wasn't looking. Great practice. Enjoy your time.