Friday, February 23, 2007

Quick! Let's see a flick!

Quickflicks is a cool site where people who made movies posted (or exerps from them) for the public to enjoy free of charge. The project started a few years ago, before Youtube and Google Video and all that came on the scene.

I am recommending a ten minute "flick" from the Quickflicks page, called:
"What is it about Hats?: A documentary about life under the brim" by film maker and hat lover Andee Kinsey.

Andee filmed the documentary a few years back, in 2001, just before I "hooked up" with the Houston Hat Net and the Dallas Hat Band. The entire documentary is thirty minutes long and available from I think the ten minute version is just wonderful, and the music is terrific!

Some of it is filmed in Houston, during a massive flooding tropical storm. New York and Dallas locations filled up the rest of the film.
I am proud to admit I know most of the Houston and Dallas folk.
The woman after the opening who talks is Nicole La Blanc, the millinery whose hat creations got me hooked on hats. She's the one who says "There is a hat for you."
The lady standing next to the woman in the gold and black hat, is Kate Pernia, my instructor. She's wearing a red hat.
Then there's the irrepressible Suzanne Silverman in the lavender hat, talking about her "chicken butt" hat. Suzanne is non-stop fun to be with.
The lady in a white hat with a black veil is Suzanne Larson. She is also a milliner. Her cousin, Bonita, the one I had lunch with at Victorian Elegance, is seen walking in a strapless sundress.

I know a few of the other ladies, but my poor feeble brain is wimping out on me in terms of matching a face with a name. I hope if they read this, they will understand.

To see the flick, just click on the icon that matches the hat at the beginning of this post on the Quickflicks site.


PS: The flick "Angel's Day Off" is adorable too.


Lovella ♥ said...

I very much enjoyed the documentary on hats. I love hats but I can never find one to fit. here's the thing . . my head size is 21 inches and I always feel like it looks kind of scrawny. If I would have known you when my kids got married I might have been tempted to fly you out for a hat making tutorial to match my dress that I sewed. Now that would have been fun. I put the quick flick site in my favorites, thanks for the hint.

Dawn said...

Unlike Lovella, my head is l.a.r.g.e and hats look ridiculous on me. I love them, but the closest thing to a hat that I wear is a headband around my ears in winter. I know...that is hokey..
and another thing..when you have spike-me-up hair, hats can ruin the do!!
I am hat-challenged!
On another say you have temps in the 80s?????
It's below zero this morning here in my neck o' the woods.
All right, all right...I will rejoice in all more whining!

Cristina de Prada - milliner said...

Yes, I have read this post! :-) And I've had the dvd with me for a few weeks but have not watched it yet... I'm waiting for the right moment, but no idea when that will be :-(