Thursday, February 22, 2007

Let's get this party going!

Sometimes the fun never stops around here!
Rodeo Houston starts Friday, which means the Trail Riders are arriving today from all over the southwest. (Love the picture in that link of downtown Houston skyline!)

People yearly ride the old cattle drive trails throughout Texas, in covered wagons or horse back, RIGHT DOWN THE FREEWAY when needed.

The first time I was zooming along, late as usual to work, and was blocked by a bunch of horses and wagons, I thought I had lost my mind. Now I just know it's Rodeo season. All the trail riders wind up at Memorial Park, where they camp with their horses, and all attend Cowboy Church on Sunday, seated on bales of hay as they all sing "Shall we Gather at the River."

Time to dust off my pink cowgirl princess hat.
Last year I promised myself I would shop for pink cowgirl boot to go with my hat. Guess I'll have to get going on that, if I mean to keep my promise. Friday everyone in every office building downtown will be clad in western wear.
"Go Texas Day" is an official edict to wear western wear the first Friday of Rodeo season.
And let me tell you, some folks are not adverse to dropping a bundle on their attire.

And the menfolk in their boots, hats, western cut suits and black ribbon ties look mighty smart too.

Oh come on...every little girl had a crush on some cowboy at some time, right? My first crush was on Michael Landon, playing Little Joe Cartwright on the television series "Bonanza."

I was five years old, and was devastated when the program was moved to a time slot past my bedtime. It was on Sunday night, and I had to go to bed because I was now in Kindergarten.

(You know, Michael Landon still made my eyes twinkle when I was a great big grown up married lady. He was just cute, cute, cute, even playing "Pa" Engels, and a blooming Angel, for crying out loud!)

My mom never bought me a Princess outfit as a child. All my dress up play clothes were the clothes my great Aunt had worn to society event. Auntie Lorraine went to Columbia and USC, and later got a Master's degree. She was born in the late 1800's, and the clothes that I played in were her best velvet gowns from the 1930's. Explains a lot, don't you think?

I did receive one child size dress up outfit: A red cowgirl vest and skirt, complete with white fringe. Boy howdy, now there was fun! Packing a six shooter and running around La Jolla blowing bad guys away with a loud pop from the cap, creating realistic smoke and that tantalizing firecracker smell. The cap roll always ran out before the fun.

I might just have to go see if I can buy me a cap gun and caps today too. A little shot 'em up around the neighborhood might be fun. I could probably even enlist the "Our Gang Comedy" neighborhood boys, and Sunny the Dog to join in a little cowboy gun play.

Yee Haw! Post bail for me, would ya, if I get arrested?

Now all of you out there need to head on over to visit with another good cowgirl at heart. Drop by her place and say "howdy" tomorrow. Lovella's done gone and had herself another year, and she's fixin' to have her birthday on Friday. Y'all be sure to wish her a Happy Birthday when you stop on by her blogplace for a visit, ya hear?


Lovella ♥ said...

Oh goodness, who squealed like a pig? I went down the line back checking your commenters but I couldn't find out. Hmm, pretty funny. Thank you, you're so sweet. Canada has their fair share of rodeos. Perhaps someone from Calgary could leave you a line about their big trail ride into Calgary every summer. I have a fabulous picture of Terry in a cowboy hat and I keep trying to figure out how to work it into my blog. When we were on our Motorcyle trip to Sturgis a few summers back we stopped in Virginia City and felt like we were back in time. A herd of cows coming through town would not have surprised us one bit. We also rode into Cody Wyoming to see a rodeo. Such fun. Enjoy that cowgirl dressing up, I'd be right in there if I could.

Becky said...

Lived in Calgary for numerous years, and, yeah, cowboys are fun! I am sure that Texans do it bigger, an actual trail ride downtown? We have a parade with lots of "first nations people" and cowboys. The rodeo is huge, and it is fun, only, we have to wait for summer! Sounds like wonderful weather you are having!

Thanks for the reminder of the birthday girl! I'm sure you've left her wondering!

Kate said...

I'll never forget the birthday when I asked for a cowgirl outfit but received a chenille bathrobe instead. Liked the bathrobe but was hurt and dismayed that I was considered too old for the cowgirl outfit! The beginning of the end ... at such an early age. Oh well, decades later at 55 I received the best cowgirl boots from my Sweetie. Still wearing them too! Alls well that ends well.
K Q:-)