Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Millinery: Eric Javits

Last Thursday it froze here. Today, it is in the low eighties.
Too hot to wear felt. Too soon to wear straw.
A felt hat, or a straw hat that is.

My mom had brought me a stunning black felt large upturned brim hat by millinery designer Eric Javits.

The brim is accented with velvet scroll work. Yummy...and sadly, oh so too hot to wear to work today.

It looked really wonderful with my new charcoal pantsuit. I decided to take it along anyway, as I had called in to work, and was informed that, as usual, that since it was hot outside, it was colder than a witch's er, um, mitt, in the library building.

I walked out of house, on time for once, to drive to the library. A forty five minute drive. The car was in the driveway, and baking hot inside. My husband had driven my car to the airport, as it was filthy, and I was using his nice clean sedan for squiring the ladies about during their visit.

I tossed my jacket and Eric Javits hat onto the passenger seat, turned the key in the ignition, and surprise, nothing happened.

Dead battery.

Normally Bernie is home, but of course not this time. Our Triple A renew form was sitting on my desk. Our auto repair shop could assist me in about an hour.

Next door there was some construction work being done. English language radio blaring from the driveway gave me hope that I would find men who I could communicate with, who would help rescue me, the damsel in distress.

They would, but they didn't have a jumper cable. Just then the neighbor at the end of the street drove by, giving me a friendly wave. I flagged her down, and she graciously drove back to her home to retrieve some jumper cables from her garage.
The construction guy, (wearing an AWANA belt buckle no less, a para church organization that our family participates in) came over with his truck and we gave the jumper cables a go.
And it was a No-Go.
So I had to call the library and let them know I wouldn't be coming in to cover the shift of the woman who had colon cancer surgery.
The shift that I don't normally work, and that I agreed to work BEFORE I found out that today would have been the day that my millinery instructor/friend Kate would be visiting from Switzerland, and could work me in for a visit.
Doesn't that just kill ya?
Doesn't that fall under the category of "No good deed shall go unpunished"?
On the bright side: At least this didn't happen while we were up in Dallas!
So now I am changed into a tee shirt and casual, and awaiting Bernie to arrive home so we can decide what to do. I'm hoping a new battery will fix it, he suspects the alternator.
We'll see.
Either way, Eric Javits is going to have to wait for a more stylish occasion to be worn than a trip to the car repair shop.
At least while it is this hot.

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Lovella ♥ said...

oh my, I was thinking that if I lived next door, my beloved Mr. T would be over to fix it in a flash. Alternator? no problem. Oh and that hat is spectacular. How sweet is that for your mom to gift you with it. I zoomed in for a good look, lovely scrolling on it for sure. I was admiring the 20s hat on the slide show yesterday. Was it 20's or 30's? Flapper dresss era? Do you have your own hat hook at work? Well, maybe Kate will call and pick you up and the two of you can don your newest and bestest and go to an airconditioned restaraunt for a treat.