Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Millinery: When the hat won't make, cry uncle.

So here is as far as I have gotten on the hat I started on Monday.

I got the hat blocked, steam rolled the edge, created the flowers (the photo doesn't do it justice).

It was going pretty good, then I put on the satin head band, cut and stitched, and yows, now the hat is too tight.


Took it off. Now the brim (which I was using drooped over one eye, and pulled low cloche like), is deciding it doesn't want to droop afterall.

Steaming edge of hat to roll.
See the nice rolled edge?

I am not sure I'm going to use the green veiling as a background. The dragonfly will probably wind up as a hat pin.

I should have shot the flowers from another angle, as they are designed to be viewed.

Whatever. I give up for tonight. Uncle.

I'd like to get this thing done to enter into the whip it up contest, it is millinery this month. But I'd have to get it done before tomorrow at 4. Got to go to work then, and then off to Salt Lake early Friday to chase fall around a bit and see son Jeff till next Wednesday.

For those who wonder what the colors are really like, the hat is a pale lavenderish pink, the satin rose and hat band a perfect match, the purple is almost dusty grape. Posted by Picasa

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Safe trip --- happy trails!