Thursday, September 07, 2006

100th post

This morning's newspaper head line read:

"Gator calls Lake Houston home: East End Park posts sign warning guests of danger"
THIS is exactly where the gator in this picture is said to be living. About a quarter mile from my house.

The picture of the gator was snapped by Mr. Rehak, who said:

"As I walked along the shore taking pictures, it (the gator) stayed even with me like it wanted to be between me and something behind it. It was probably defending a nest."

Oh great, A NEST of gators!

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department biologist Monique Slaughter (more weirdness...what a name) said alligators are most visible through their mating season of April through July. The eggs, averaging about 35, hatch about 65 days after being laid, usually in late August and early September.

OH GREAT...a daddy gator, a mommy gator and 35 BABY gators. Forget the "Snakes on the Plane", there's gators in my lake!

Additional issues around my life: We now have fire ants inside our house. They were not on the side of the house yesterday, today there is a mound, and they have somehow gone into the wall, into our guest bath tub, and were making a drive into our home office, toward my toes as I worked on my computer.

That got me moving but fast.

And to think that at one time I wondered if I would be able to write 100 posts.

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Marie Christopher said...

Gators in the lake - of course! We knew that way back. Growing up in this area, we knew there are gators in the river that eventually formed the lake --- never swim in the lake!!!


Marie Christopher said...

By the way, congratulations on your 100th post! I really enjoy keeping up with you this way.


Anonymous said...

What a surprize! You've made me a hat! How delightful! I can hardly wait to wear it with my special shawl. Jill you're such a thought friend.
I'm felling a little lonely being the only one in my house now. Tonight is the first time I've really felt like that. Checking out your blog has lifted my spirits!
Scott, Elizabeth and I are going to Calif for Christmas - will you be going west in Dec?
Bye for now.