Sunday, July 30, 2006

Some folks have got it, other folks don't

Tiggie poses. And he does it well. He always knows how to arrange himself, and deliver a look and an attitude (maybe that should be "cat-titude")

Here he is, looking like a "Cats in Libraries: READ!" poster.

I didn't do ANYTHING to make this picture happen, except I saw him, grabbed my camera, took the picture, and done.
Baby cat Hart, on the other hand, is hopeless.
Tiggie tries to coach him, but it just doesn't work.

I mean really, have some self respect. Pin up/kitty cheesecake is really kind of embarassing. Especially when you are a boy cat!
Oh well. Not everyone can make the cover of Kitty GQ.

We love you anyway Hart.

And you DO look wonderful in the Hat Room! Posted by Picasa

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maggie moran said...

Maybe it should be Tigitude! ;) Love the Blog! Maggie