Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Millinery: The Houston Hat Net

A few years back I bought my first ****seriously**** priced hat. My husband said this would be a one time event, a statement that brought out the burning desire for more hats!
I discovered a Hat Chat electronic posting board. On the board was an announcement that hat lovers in New York would be welcome to meet for lunch at such and such restaurant on such and such date and time.

I was crushed. It sounded like sooooo much fun. But soooo far away.

So I posted asking if there were any hat wearers in Houston (the 4th largest city in America, by the way....) which is just an hour from my town of Kingwood.

Lo and behold, Kate Pernia replied that indeed there were hat lovers in Houston, and that they had formed a group called The Houston Hat Net. Kate actually was the founder. She claims that she went to a society wedding and was the only person wearing a hat. What a let down!
She rounded up a few hat wearing friends and they later went out, hatted, for lunch.

The rest is history.

The Houston Hat Net has a website:

and currently the site is flattering me by having my "It's the Berries" and "Traveling Hat" on the home page. Silly me, it just makes me feel ooie-gooie happy to see my hats on that website.
Thanks Marie! (she's the webmistress over there)

If you have a chance to visit Houston during one of the HHN events, put on your hat and come along.

A fine group of ladies in the finest of hats makes for a mighty fine time!

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Anonymous said...

What a charming website. And "It's the Berries" is beyond fab!

Now for a question. Do you have any advise for women who must wear bangs but who also love hats? Wearing them leaves my bangs in, um, dissary, shall we say.