Sunday, July 16, 2006

Introducing my Grandbaby Sebastian

("Good Lord!", I hear you say. What is THAT?)

THAT.... is Sebastian.

Yup, I do have a grandbaby. Sebastian lives with his daddy, our son Jeff, in Salt Lake City.

My first grandbaby was a bearded dragon lizard. And pathetically, I was over the moon when the darn thing laid an egg.

The egg didn't hatch.


But then Jeff got me a grandkitty. Sebastian. An adorable kitten, he is now full grown and has lived in a variety of settings including a fraternity house, beach house, and apartments. He is a remarkably calm cat considering some of his former housing situations.

Lots of my friends have grandchildren, and they show me charming pictures of their adorable "grands" fresh from their baths, looking angelic and oh so huggable.

I am so jealous.

So here's my "grand" fresh from his bath.

Once he dried, he looked a lot better.

I think I have the cutest grandcat in the whole wide world.

(FYI: Sebastian, AKA "Meowsie" really does have to be washed in water regularly, either by a pet groomer or Jeff, as the long fur in his..., er, um, private quarters, gets unhygenic otherwise. Ewww.) Posted by Picasa


Kate said...

Yes, Darlin', you need grandkids! So do I. K Q;-)

Anonymous said...

note to kate: no pressure felt at all, thanks kate! but maybe i do need a kitty. if 1 doesn't make you feel like a proper grandma, why not get another one? 2 grandkitties is surely better that a bastard grandchild? right? or was that mean? oh well... i'll just keep my legs and fingers crossed that the right man comes along. love you mom!!!!

Demara said...

Crazy I would have never thought they were the same cat in the pictures!!! He looks very protective too...what a good cat.

Lovella ♥ said...

He's an adorable little puss for sure. I will certainly be posting a picture of Tobee's first bath when I get a chance.