Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Splish Splash

First bath time at Mim's house!
Now why did I not figure out that the baby tub that I used in our bathtub (on my knees, reaching over the side of the tub) when Luke was an infant actually fits perfectly in my kitchen sink?
It is so much easier to bath an infant while I am standing up!
The high gooseneck spray faucet head is just the thing for giving a shower bath to a three month old.
Using a fast shutter speed the shower droplets look like falling jewels on our little gem.
He certainly was fascinated.

"Hey, do ya mind?  I could use little privacy here please!"

He nearly zoned out.
So relaxed.

After the bath, in a clean pair of jammies Calvin holds hands with his Mim.

My brown eyed baby boy.
It is so good to have a baby-baby to hold and snuggle once again.
I treasure my Tuesdays and Wednesday with Cal.


Dolores said...

Most definitely, having a little one to cuddle is such a precious time.

Vee said...

Cuddle time is the best! What a blessing for you both. I am chuckling over the shower Calvin is enjoying...I have one grand who adores a shower and the other who freaks over a shower. We should have started earlier!

RoeH said...

There's something about water that can be so relaxing. He's so cute!!

Lorrie said...

Calvin is a cutie. Cuddles with a little one are so sweet. I'm sure those snuggles are good for anything that ails one. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Sweet times. He really resembles his brother...

Judy said...

Awwwe. So sweet! Enjoy those cuddles.