Friday, October 17, 2014

Bits of autumn life lithos past week...

While the temperatures stay mild the colors continue to ramp up.  Each morning I look out my windows and marvel that another tree has seemingly gone from green to yellow or orange or red over night.
One morning I indulged in a bit of latte art.  The cup and saucer was recently bought at a thrift shop for $1.50 just because it is a Pyrex matching pattern called Butterfly Gold. I really need to post about the great Pyrex "thrill of the chase" thing going on here in SLC as well as across America. 
You will laugh...too fun and funny!

I can not resist picking up brightly colored leaves as I walk. Finally figured out how to enjoy them at home.  I also am using mason jars to display Indian corn: I just slip the colorful ears into various sized jars and line them up on the mantel.  After decades of trying to figure out how to put Indian corn out in a manner that shows off the pretty corn patten this mason jar idea/ vase idea totally works!
Last Saturday Bernie and I *finally* did something we had talked about doing for years:  We got up, made coffee, grabbed the morning news paper and a couple of camp chairs and drove four miles over to Millcreek Canyon to read the paper next to the creek. We stopped and got amazing egg Benedict waffles and fruit and yogurt topped waffles from a food truck that makes custom waffles (check them out here:

Isn't one of the best parts of camping having coffee outdoors in the morning? 
Next time we may build a fire and stay there all day.

We were joined be a cute bird that dove into the stream for his breakfast.

The view across the stream from my camp chair! A leaf rainbow of colors!

Sunday Calvin was dedicated at church. I am posting this post from my cell phone using cell phone photos; dedication photos are still in my regular camera. 
But since I am documenting on the fly here, I thought I should mention it in context.

Monday I joined Rachel's Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) group for a trip to a pumpkin patch and farm market.
A corn pit there was great fun.
Making corn angels: Autumn's answer to Winter's snow angels.

I couldn't resist climbing in to the pit myself. So fun, so comfortable! 
Wouldn't mind owning a corn pit myself!
Less messy than a sand box actually!


Anonymous said...

Oh boy my mouth is watering reading about your breakfast. Glad you made good on the "finally"!

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Nice coffee art! And autumn leaves in glass vases. This is the first time I have seen or heard of a corn pit. Did you find corn kernels in your pockets when you got home?

Lovella ♥ said...

I am waiting and waiting for our all colors to ramp up here and so far I still look out my front window and see a green birch with a scattering of yellow leaves.

You surely do know how to have fun and how to make the most of every moment. Love the corn pit! That looks like fun.

Judy said...

Love that...having coffee beside the creek and picking up a waffle breakfast from the food truck. Corn angels? Fun!

Lorrie said...

Love the idea of packing up breakfast and going to a pretty spot. I like the autumn leaves in vases idea and the corn pit looks like just plain FUN!