Saturday, February 18, 2012

Keep your eye on the birdie!

The goldfinch are steady customers at the window feeder again. They perch out on the tree, then flit in to grab a thistle seed, then flit back to their favorite branch over and over again.
As the time progresses, they feel a bit more comfortable lingering to peck out several beakfuls before flying off again.

I appreciate it when they linger; it makes taking their picture much easier.

Bitsy feels the same way, but for different reason I am sure.

Anyway...everyone in the house is enjoying the exact same hobby: bird watching.
Maybe the birds have a hobby too?
Wonder what it is that they like to watch?


Pondside said...

Birds stare so deeply and intently - at worms? At dust motes? At things that humans can't see at all? I'd like to know what those things are.

ellen b. said...

Oh boy the kitty has it's eyes on those birdies for sure. When I first read your post title on google reader I read it Keep your eye on the Bride! You know where my brain is....